Meet our SimVenture Partner Agent in Mexico

SimVenture in Mexico: Meet our Trusted Partner

Meet our trusted Partner Agent in Mexico and discover how our digital learning solutions are changing lives.

In 2009, our trusted Partner Agent in Mexico, Simuladores On Line S. de R.L., became Venture Simulations Ltd’s first international distributor of SimVenture digital learning solutions.

We are extremely proud to be working with the Simuladores On Line team and are delighted to share more with you about their business and how they are revoluntionising higher education in Mexico and beyond – all with the help of SimVenture learning technologies.

About our Partner Agent in Mexico: Simuladores On Line 

Simuladores On Line is a family-run business offering quality education technology solutions for higher education institutions, business consultancy firms and executive training companies. 

The company was founded by MBA Abraham González in October 2009. At the time, Abraham had more than 20 years of teaching experience as a lecturer of finance, management, and marketing courses at several Mexican private and public universities. Abraham’s highly regarded academic experience gave Simuladores On Line an edge when it came to understanding the needs of the higher education sector in Mexico. 

Currently, as of 2021, Simulardores On Line supplies a diversified portfolio of business education software from the UK, Europe, and the Americas and of course distributes all three SimVenture products – ClassicEvolution, and Validate.  

Simulardores On Line has a customer portfolio of more than 150 higher education institutions in Mexico with a sustained growth of 5% in new customers each year. They also boast a customer retention rate of higher than 90%, which demonstrates their dedication and commitment towards clients.

Spotting the opportunity: How the partnership started 

During a 2009 Bett exhibition in London, Simuladores On Line founder Abraham met SimVenture directors Peter and Paul who introduced him to our award-winning business simulator, SimVenture Classic. Recognising the gap in the Latin America market and aware of the lack of educational entrepreneurship software, Abraham saw the opportunity to localise the business simulation game and translate it into Spanish.

SimVenture Partner Agent in Mexico: Alan and Abraham from Simulardores On Line meeting SimVenture Directors Paul and Peter in London at Bett 2011.

Abraham’s experience as a university lecturer allowed him to see the Mexican market potential for a Spanish version of SimVenture Classic.

Simuladores On Line was the first international company to approach Venture Simulations Ltd and ask to be an exclusive distributor of SimVenture software. Tackling the translation process was a new challenge for both companies but introducing SimVenture digital learning solutions to the Mexican market was a great opportunity that neither party wanted to miss.

The business partnership started with the right focus and effort, and has continued to be a fruitful relationship for Simuladores On Line and SimVenture made possible by trust and accountability. 

How Simuladores On Line’s customers in Mexico responded to using SimVenture products 

For every new potential customer initially it was a pedagogic exercise not just as sales pitch. When introducing the software, Simuladores On Line explained not just what SimVenture Classic did, but how and why using a business simulation was the right fit for each potential customer’s needs.

Another challenge Simuladores On Line faced was getting the academic quality certification bodies to approve SimVenture business simulation games as part of the syllabus within Mexican higher education institutions. But once these obstacles were overcome, the product’s quality, accompanying training expertise and the teacher-focused mindset made Simuladores On Line the right choice for many higher education institutions in Mexico.

As years passed, more and more customers started implementing SimVenture learning technologies into their curriculum for entrepreneurship and management simulation labs and courses.  

Students in Mexico using SimVenture Classic, our innovative business simulation software.

As more prestigious universities in Mexico started to use SimVenture software, more institutions followed and as such joined in with the education revolution.

SimVenture products are now widely used among public, technology and polytechnic universities and institutes across Mexico. 

The impact working with SimVenture has had on Simuladores On Line and their clients

SimVenture has become more than just a business simulation software product for Mexican universities. It has gamified learning within the classroom; it has provided experiential learning opportunities to students; it has provided a virtual space for competition as well as collaboration where teachers and students learn by doing and by making mistakes.

Working with SimVenture, Simuladores On Line has created many success stories as the relationship with Venture Simulations Ltd has flourished.

In 2014, Peter Harrington, CEO with the SimVenture team, was invited to speak to over 3,000 students at the annual congress of public technological universities in Mexico. The UK Trade & Investment team based at the embassy in Mexico has also hosted events where SimVenture software has been showcased.

University deans and professors have written many case studies over the years about the use of SimVenture business simulations in their institutions and classes, and the positive impact it has had on their students’ learning. There have also been several Spanish-speaking international university-level tournaments using SimVenture business simulations, all with outstanding results. 

Business Simulation competition in Mexico.

SimVenture software is not just an educational tool, but has created a community of educational organisations, deans, teachers, and students all focused on authentic business learning in the classroom.  

Mexico is an extremely important international market for SimVenture learning solutions, and the relationship between Simuladores On Line and Venture Simulations has solidified and grown over the years. 

The future looks bright for the business partnership. Everyone at Simuladores On Line looks forward to continuing to work with Venture Simulations Ltd and to support educators in Mexico who use SimVenture educational technologies to enhance student learning.