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Our Values

Learn about the principles, purpose and values defining how people working within the SimVenture team behave and operate. These are the values that underpin our everyday work.

Our Purpose

Our purpose and values are embedded in a common and deep belief that we can improve the way people learn about business, enterprise and entrepreneurship.

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Since the company was first founded by brothers Paul and Peter Harrington in 2005, there has been a determination to progress learning, teaching and training so people are better able to perform and enjoy their time in study as well as work.

Whether you are a researcher, potential employee, prospective partner agent or client (or simply like what we do) there may be an opportunity to collaborate or work together.

You’ll find we’re in most parts of the world, so why not get in touch?

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Read our Equality Policy

To learn more about our approach to equal opportunities, read our Equality Policy below.