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SimVenture Classic organisation chart interface taking you through the steps of startup.

Startup Skills & Business Knowledge

SimVenture Classic teaches learners startup skills and how to manage and grow a micro-computer company. This business simulator focuses on the first three years of a company’s life. Users consider almost all aspects of start-up and small business management.

Working in monthly cycles, for up to 36 simulated months, users make decisions in all areas of their virtual computer manufacturing company and receive ongoing feedback to learn the consequences of their actions. Users manage 4 key business areas:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Organisation
Employability Skills

Whilst learners run their own virtual company the engaging software allows them to develop a range of employability skills that employers rate. Skills include: Leadership, Self-Management, Team working, Problem solving, Communication, Numeracy, and Commercial Skills etc.

Learners can reflect on the skills they have developed whilst playing the business simulation adding valuable evidence to their CV. Ask our Learning & Development Managers about how to incorporate employability skills into your training programme.

Business people sitting around a table and chatting.

Different ways to learn: Startup, Grow, and Manage a Business

SimVenture Classic is suitable for complete beginners to seasoned professionals.

Room of students using business simulator to startup, grow, and manage a company.
Getting Started

SimVenture Classic has a wide range of video tutorials, teaching materials, guidance documents, case studies and help sections to enable learners to familiarise themselves with the business simulation. These include:

  • The basics of SimVenture Classic
  • A programme of core business skills activities to teach some of the basic principles of running a business
  • How to start a game and find your way around the business simulator
  • A comprehensive “How do I section” within the game
  • Learning how to navigate around the simulation

SimVenture Classic is played by individuals and teams in both the education and corporate sectors.

Individuals have the opportunity to develop their:

  • Business and commercial knowledge
  • Enterprise and entrepreneurial skills

As part of a team there are opportunities to:

  • Reflect on their individual role and how they perform as part of a team
  • Form and develop high performing teams
Students at a table engaging with a laptop.

How you can play

Our business simulation can be played by individuals or teams in a collaborative or competitive environment.

Students playing business simulation

The business simulator allows for individual learning, team work and competitions.

Competitions provide an opportunity to bring people together from different parts of an education institution, community or even different parts of the world.

If you’re looking for an engaging, interactive business simulator that’s fun to play, SimVenture Classic is the product for you.

Our clients use SimVenture Classic as a flexible learning resource.
The business simulator can be tailored to fit with any course or training timetable.

Some educational study programs use the software for short introductory sessions lasting 1-2 hours, whilst others use the simulation over several weeks or months.

For corporate training purposes and postgraduate programmes, Classic is often used intensively over a day or weekend. 

We are happy to discuss how clients have used our business simulation in different contexts. Just ask us and we’ll gladly share what we know.

Two people using a computer business simulator with one of them pointing at the screen.

Learn by doing

There are a range of activity formats available to promote a learning by doing approach including:

  • Driving lesson activity – where users are introduced to the software and learners find their way around the simulation.
  • Interactive formats – learners analyse the situation before determining, executing, and evaluating a strategic business plan. People typically learn through a trial and error approach.
  • Apprentice Scenarios – These scenarios guide learners through a step‐by‐step process, providing them with a basic structure to enable them to develop their own strategies for business success. These resources also help new users to familiarise themselves with the layout of SimVenture pages, game-playing processes and navigation structures.

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