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Annual License – £40 + VAT

SimVenture Validate works on the cloud
Accessible on all platforms including mobile

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How to Purchase

Please pay using the PayPal button above.

Unless we need to direct you to a SimVenture Partner Agent in your own country you will be sent a PayPal request so that you can make the payment and obtain your software.

Please be aware that the ordering process is not an automated service. As a result and since all orders are handled manually you will experience a short delay between purchasing and the download instructions and activation code being provided – especially if you are ordering outside of UK office hours (Monday – Friday / 9am – 6pm GMT). During office hours you will typically receive your software within an hour of placing the order.

Once payment has been received in full by Venture Simulations Ltd, licensing details allowing you to activate the software will be sent to you via the email that you have provided when using PayPal.

Experiencing a delay getting your license?

If you use more than one email address as part of the ordering and payment process there is a possibility that our instructions will not be seen by you immediately. Likewise, please check your spam folder once you have placed your order as occasionally our email with your software details can be filtered.

If you have any concerns, you can always contact us using the email:

Please read ahead of any purchase
  • Personal Licenses bought via this page must not be used for education and workplace purposes (see Terms and Conditions below)
  • SimVenture Validate is a cloud based platform.
  • Tax at the prevailing rate will be charged on all sales to people living in the UK or EU.
  • Personal license purchases do not include back-end ‘Administrator’ or ‘Educator’ License support.
  • Please read VSL terms and conditions prior to any purchase.
  • All licenses expire 12 months after first use.
Purchase terms and conditions

A SimVenture Validate license is assigned to a named individual and then used for personal use only. SimVenture Validate personal licenses cannot be used or shared within any other environment such as education and the workplace or corporate training sector without the advance written permission being granted by a director at Venture Simulations Ltd. Any person buying one or more licenses who is then subsequently found to have contravened our license agreement and/or terms and conditions risks losing access to all purchased software and that person as well as the organisation that he/she may represent may be subject to further legal proceedings. You can view this website for all details of the company’s software license terms and conditions. If you have any further queries, please contact the team in advance of using the software.


Your annual license will last for 365 days once you have activated your license. The license date does not start from the day you make the purchase.

As per our terms and conditions, personal licenses are for personal use only. In exceptional circumstances we do occasionally allow for personal licenses to be used in a teaching environment but permission must be obtained and agreed with a VSL director ahead of any purchase.

When you buy an annual license the purchase includes 12 months of maintenance and technical support. This means that if anything goes wrong with your software in this period of use, our technical support team will provide remote support free-of-charge.

When you buy a SimVenture Validate personal license you will be able to access the software on your own devices. The software includes videos showing you how to use SimVenture Validate as well as comprehensive written instructions that will help you to use the business simulation. 

Training support and teaching resources are not supplied with a personal license. However, if you require additional support the SimVenture team can direct you to your in-country training supplier or notify you of on-line and/or face-to-face courses.

Yes, SimVenture Validate works on PCs, Macs, tablets and mobile.

SimVenture Validate is currently available only in English, although there are plans to translate it in other languages.