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Are you aware our CEO, Peter Harrington, writes and presents the Startup Survival Podcast? Developed for business, entrepreneurship and enterprise educators as well as anyone involved in the startup phase of a new venture, the popular podcast provides a wealth of information and advice.

Listen to the podcast and learn from expert guests and specialists on subjects ranging from creative thinking and mindset through to research, websites, financial investment, developing a social enterprise, sales, teamwork, marketing and much more.

The Startup Survival Podcast was created to help all startups navigate the C19 pandemic. This resource is 100% free to use and share on any educational module, training programme or course. Hundreds of trainers and academics worldwide have incorporated the podcast into their work, giving both delegates and students immediate access to current case studies and latest thinking. Tens of thousands of episodes have been downloaded and streamed. You can also find details of the podcast on Peter Harrington’s personal blog, ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Entrepreneurship’.

If you are a seasoned startup with a specialist skill and an interesting story to share, your experience may chime with a future episode of the podcast. Send your details by email (Sales & Customer Support Team) to Peter Harrington. What have you got to lose?

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