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Business Acumen

SimVenture Evolution is an online business simulation that supports learners to develop business acumen and enhance their employability skills. The main areas of business covered within the simulation are: Sales & Marketing, Finance, Research & Development, Operations, and Organisation.

To help learners get to know the basics of the simulation a range of resources are available. Walk-through videos and activities are embedded within the business simulation to help users navigate the software simply. We also have a range of YouTube videos to help learners get to know the simulation.

Employability Skills

By managing a virtual company within SimVenture Evolution, learners can develop a range of highly sought after business skills including:

  • Self-management
  • Team working
  • Problem solving
  • Communication
  • Numeracy
  • IT skills
  • Business and customer awareness
  • Positive attitude

Learners can reflect on the skills they have developed whilst playing the business simulation, adding valuable evidence to their CV. Ask our Learning & Development Managers about how to incorporate employability skills into your training programme.

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A serious business game offering different ways to learn

SimVenture Evolution has a wide range of scenarios suitable for beginners and seasoned professionals.

Getting started with the serious business game, SimVenture Evolution. Introductory videos.
Getting Started

As a serious business game, SimVenture Evolution has many introductory activities to enable learners to familiarise themselves with the business simulation. These include:

  • Structured single activities to help the user gain a basic understanding of how the simulation works
  • Training ground activities which are less structured and can be repeated to consolidate learning
  • Gaining a passport to learning via a quiz to assess knowledge and understand before progressing onto other activities
  • A programme of core business skills activities to teach some of the basic principles of running a business

Our scenarios place individuals or groups in charge of a company within a simulated market. Learners can start and grow different sizes of business including using our SEED, START-UP, GROWTH, AND ESTABLISHED Scenarios:

  • The SEED scenario presents a new company (Green Spokes), about to embark upon its first quarter of trading.
  • The START-UP scenario presents the same company (Green Spokes) that has been trading for 2 quarters and has created a product for the market place.
  • The GROWTH scenario starts at the point where the company has been trading for 3 years and has developed a foothold in the market.
  • Finally, the ESTABLISHED scenario starts with the company moving into its 6th year of trading where the virtual business has developed a strong market presence.
Open activities within the business simulation game.

How you can play our serious business game to build business acumen

Our business simulation software can be played by individuals or teams. People can compete or collaborate.

People around a table using laptops and computers to play SimVenture Evolution

Parallel Competitions place any number of teams in identical starting positions, from which they work to achieve the best outcome.

By using the Leaderboard within the simulation, learners can see how their virtual business is performing in comparison to their peers.

Another great competitive challenge included in the online business simulation are the special ‘Head-to-Head’ scenarios. In these scenarios, up to 6 simulated companies can compete directly against each other within the same virtual market.

Our clients use SimVenture Evolution in several ways, from short introductory sessions of 2 hours to courses lasting several months.

SimVenture Evolution is used frequently as a bootcamp learning experience over one day or a weekend. Bootcamps are learning programs which are designed for short, intense, accelerated training sessions.

We are happy to share with you how our clients have used our business simulation in different contexts, just ask us.

Teacher explaining graphs to students based on SimVenture Evolution.

Learn by doing: Building your business acumen

There are a range of activity formats available to promote a learning by doing approach including:

  • Static Formats – Learners analyse and evaluate the current business situation.
  • Dynamic Formats – Players analyse and evaluate the company’s situation as it progresses, predicting developments and observing outcomes.
  • Interactive Formats – Learners analyse the situation before determining, executing, and evaluating a strategic business plan. In this format, learning occurs through a trial and error approach.
  • Boardroom Formats – Players engage in a boardroom debate to analyse the situation and identify the best way to move forward.
  • Parallel Competition Formats – Starting from the same position, players compete to take their virtual business as far as they can.
  • Direct Competition Formats – Multiple rivals compete directly against each other within the same virtual markets.

To support these formats there are over 120 one-page case studies freely available to SimVenture Evolution clients.

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