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SimVenture Evolution, our groundbreaking on-line business strategy game, has been specifically designed to fast-track learning within corporate training and education learning environments.

Use Evolution to start-up and/or scale-up a virtual simulated company and learn about business, management, finance and entrepreneurial leadership. See for yourself, how the business simulator works and what it might do for you.

If you seek a powerful business strategy simulation or business strategy game, you’ll enjoy this gamified learning solution. Packed with a range of advanced features, the on-line learning simulator allows users to start, manage and/or grow an SME and deal with virtually all decisions and issues company owners face.

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Generative partnerships

Market-led design, generative partnerships and great product experience

Evolution was designed with 10 partner education institutions and thus dovetails easily into many business school modules from undergraduate to MBA. The simulation takes the traditional static case study learning method and progresses it to a multi-dimensional environment that involves and engages students in meaningful and deeper learning.

And for students using the Business Model Canvas or business planning templates, the simulation provides an opportunity to apply thinking and understand how theory works in practice.

Corporate trainers use the simulation in many ways to develop commercial awareness, team-building, consultancy and problem-solving skills. Since Evolution is an on-line resource, individuals can work individually or in teams and receive remote trainer guidance and assessment, rather than spend unnecessary time and money traveling to a single training location.

business strategy gameHow the business strategy game works

Packed with a range of advanced features, users run a virtual company for up to ten simulated years in quarters. Tutors and trainers can simultaneously set tasks, monitor progress, communicate and even assess work – in-class or remotely. Tools within the business game allow people to make extensive notes and record progress; at the same time facilitators have the power to start and stop any activity and interact with learners. The resource also allows people to construct business plans and complete business planning tasks that support work with real-world businesses.

SimVenture Evolution lets people manage virtually all aspects of business. A range of carefully crafted scenarios and activities allow users to work in specific time-frames and focus on key aspects of business, such as finance, marketing, strategy and/or operations.

The on-line business simulation also allows people to compete against the markets within the simulation or go head-to-head with others. This depth of functionality heightens levels of engagement and sustained, authentic learning.

Expert Personal Support

All SimVenture Evolution clients are supported by an individual from the company’s Learning and Development Team. This expert and personal support is provided to help ensure you make the very most of the business simulation, from learning programme design through to implementation and delivery.

Having direct access to a member of the team also means you’ll be signposted to an array of relevant supporting materials (see Club Resources below), available within the simulation game and on this website.

Lots of Help supporting simulation use

SimVenture Evolution also comes complete with support information and a range of ‘Help’ functions provided in different formats. The inclusion of explanatory notes ensures people are able to get to grips with the business simulator quickly.

Users will also find our ‘Core Skills’ Scenarios within their Licence package. The Core Skills scenarios are provided to help people get to grips with Evolution and scaffold initial learning at a pace to suit. Each Core Skills scenario is accompanied by a short film and explanatory text.

As a ‘Serious game’ Evolution can be used intensively over any number of hours or at intervals over a number of weeks or even months. This flexibility means the learning solution can easily be included with business management, leadership or entrepreneurship course or programmes.

Extensive expert Support for you

But before making a decision to purchase SimVenture Evolution, request a live on-line demonstration so you can see for yourself how the business strategy game can work for you. Use this time to ask questions and take a deep dive into the learning technology.

And following the on-line demo ask for a free education or corporate evaluation copy of SimVenture Evolution . You can review the learning solution for up to 3 months and should you have any further queries you are welcome to clarify and check exactly what the resource does.

SimVenture Club Resources

Our SimVenture Learning and Development Managers are so committed to supporting you that they have written and published an extensive (and growing) range of tailor-made free resources and materials. You are welcome to use any of the documents published on this site when you use the business simulation.

The Club Resources section of the site also includes 2 important User Guides. One of the instruction manuals is to help people use the Control Tower (the back-end admin function used by tutors and trainers when working with groups) and the other is for all simulation users.

In addition to all written support material you will also find a range of videos and short films within the simulation (and on this site) explaining how the learning solution works. The films cover both the Control Tower and the simulation.

Continuous improvement

Whilst we believe SimVenture Evolution breaks new ground for people learning about business, management, finance and/or entrepreneurial leadership, we are continually learning and always seek continuous improvement.

To achieve this goal we will share our news but more importantly seek feedback about the business strategy game from partners, clients, customers and users.

If you have any ideas or thoughts about how SimVenture Evolution might further be developed, do not hesitate to contact us. We will always be delighted to hear from you.

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