Startup Idea Validation Platform Testimonials

Find out what our clients and their learners say about using our innovative startup idea validation platform, Validate.

Who uses Validate

Our online startup idea validation platform, Validate, is used by educators, trainers, business advisors and mentors who work in further and higher education institutions or startup support networks and agencies. Validate has also become popular with individuals who facilitate or programme manage innovation and entrepreneurship initiatives in a community, corporate or educational setting.

Typically, people who turn to Validate are looking for ways to support learners to methodically think through, critically analyse and test their startup ideas. This results in improved outcomes for budding entrepreneurs and a mechanism for facilitators to provide coaching, feedback, and support.

“We have used Validate in our yearly Entrepreneurship Competition and it has really enhanced the quality of our students’ submissions. The SimVenture team is very responsive and the tools that they have on offer are second to none.”

Robert Wilson, Manager – Student Opportunities, The Open University, UK

What clients say about our startup idea validation platform

Hear directly from our clients about the impact of using our startup idea validation platform, Validate.

Fay Weir shares her experience of using Validate to support entrepreneurial thinking and innovation in teams within a corporation.

Professor Thomas Cooney shares his experience of using Validate to enhance business learning with students at Technological University Dublin.

Hear how Amanda Berry at Loughbrough University uses Validate with students during their placement year in enterprise.

“By using Validate my students had the opportunity to explore key learning in a vibrant, interactive, and user-friendly way. The platform also provided students with essential experiential learning.”

Dr. Christina Raphaëlle Haldane, Assistant Professor Applied Voice, Fountain School of Performing Arts, Dalhousie, Canada

What users say about our startup ideas validation platform

Hear directly from the people who use our startup ideas validation platform, Validate, to develop their startup and project ideas.

The Open University student and founder of ‘Beyond the Bathroom Scale’, Karen Oliver, shares her experience of using Validate.

“[Validate is] simple to use and is a fantastic resource for aspiring young entrepreneurs looking to test and validate their business ideas.
“I thought it was easy to use and the fact that there is already a framework in place with examples and case studies to support you is extremely beneficial.”

– Neha Matthews, London College of Fashion (UAL) graduate and founder of Haav

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