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SimVenture Validate is our startup ideas platform that allows people to ideate, plan, test and share entrepreneurial and innovative ideas. The engaging and interactive platform guides individuals and teams to:

  • Ideate their business ideas by considering real-world problems and potential solutions.
  • Think through their business model by completing a comprehensive Business Model Canvas which includes an added sustainability element.
  • Validate their assumptions by leading them through a range of startup testing techniques and tools.
  • Produce an interactive and unique visual portfolio that can be easily shared on-screen via a URL link or PDF.

How SimVenture Validate works

Based on the Business Model Canvas

SimVenture Validate helps people to develop, map, test and share their business ideas. By working through the guided process within the platform, users build confidence in their ideas and in their own thinking.

The online platform allows individuals or teams to explore their innovative ideas in depth and explore concepts not previously considered. It is also very simple to use and highly engaging.

SimVenture Validate combines Alexander Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas with lean startup thinking, allowing users to validate their business ideas with confidence.

All work is saved to a Canvas as ‘digital cards’ which can be viewed and edited at any time. Find out more about platform features here.

simventure validate business model canvas page
Case studies for real businesses are included throughout Validate, to help learners further develop their own ideas.
In-built tools & case studies

SimVenture Validate users are supported by in-built guidance, tools and case studies at each stage within the platform.

Within the ideation, mapping, and testing stages, users are provided with 6 real-world business examples to help guide their thinking.

The case studies provided are real-life examples from a diverse range of businesses including:

  • A social enterprise sourcing coffee through sustainable suppliers
  • A project to end homelessness
  • A robot that children build to learn about coding and engineering

By accessing these case studies, users see how other people have validated their business ideas. This practical support boosts confidence, understanding and self-directed learning. Critically, it also saves valuable time.

Individual and team activity

Use SimVenture Validate either on your own or as a team activity. The platform’s flexibility means people can work collaboratively (and remotely) on any joint idea or project.

Each project can be updated in real time by multiple users across multiple projects. All work within the platform is automatically saved.

People using SimVenture Validate on different devices.
SimVenture Validate allows learners to share their startup ideas. This is the customisable business portfolio that can be shared online or as a PDF.
Interactive and shareable portfolio

SimVenture Validate effortlessly builds user’s portfolios in incremental steps as they progress through the platform.

People can further enhance their final startup portfolio by adding logos, images, text and supporting documentation. Portfolios are then easy to share with educators, family, friends, potential customers or investors either through a URL or PDF download. Users can also choose what information to share within the portfolio, as some information may be confidential.

Cloud based allowing easy setup and monitoring of learners

SimVenture Validate is available globally 24/7 via PC, Mac, Tablet or Phone. There is no requirement for software to be installed.

Licenses are typically supplied to the purchasing organisation. The nominated administrator then provides users with a unique link to enable them to register and create an account. Administrators monitor and review in real time the progress of all user activity.

Using SimVenture Validate to develop business ideas.

What can you achieve with SimVenture Validate?

SimVenture Validate allows you to think through your business ideas and present them with confidence. The platform is commonly used for:

  • Developing entrepreneurial skills
  • Developing business acumen
  • Starting a business or revising an existing business model
  • Developing a new project
  • Exploring research and development opportunities

All in all, this business startup ideas platform allows users to put entrepreneurship theory into practice.

Login to SimVenture Validate to start developing your startup idea.
Customer segments section within the Business Model Canvas in SimVenture Validate.
Key Business Activities

The SimVenture Validate guided journey takes you through:

  • Idea generation
  • Customer segments
  • Channels
  • Customer relationships
  • Value Proposition
  • Key partners
  • Key activities
  • Key resources
  • Cost
  • Revenue
  • Sustainability
  • Testing assumptions
Workplace Skills

Whilst working through Validate there is an opportunity to develop and hone the following skills:

  • Communication (verbal & written)
  • Research
  • Decision making
  • Analysis
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Problem solving
  • Financial awareness
  • Social & environmental awareness
  • Setting goals and priorities
Business people around a table talking about how they'll use SimVenture Validate to develop a workplace training programme.

Who uses it?

SimVenture Validate is a versatile and flexible platform with applications in both education and workplace settings.

Group of young students studying together using laptop. University students smiling and using laptop in college library.

SimVenture Validate is used widely in education across curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular settings. It is most popular with higher education courses and activities that involve enterprise, creativity and entrepreneurship. Validate also has a key role to play in supporting start-up activity and knowledge transfer.

Three people using the business simulation, SimVenture Evolution, in the workplace for professional development purposes.
Workplace Training

SimVenture Validate is commonly used in workplace training to support collaborative working, creative thinking, innovation and the development of new ideas. By using SimVenture Validate colleagues can work individually or in teams to ideate solutions to problems or to innovate new initiatives, projects, products or services.

How do we support you?

We understand that you want to be confident when using SimVenture Validate.

Our dedicated team of education, software, and startup support professionals are available to support you throughout the process. We also have a range of online resources available for you to access at any stage.

I have been thrilled with SimVenture Validate. Students have been working throughout the module rather than waiting until the last week to finally write a business plan. I will certainly be using it again next year.

​Professor Tom Cooney, Technology University Dublin