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Online Business Simulation Overview

Evolution is an online business simulation supporting learners to develop their employability and entrepreneurship skills.

This powerful entrepreneurship simulation allows learners to run a virtual bicycle manufacturing business in quarterly decision-making rounds for up to 10 simulated years.

Evolution covers all the main areas of running a company. Learners are required to apply the same principles needed to start, manage and/or scale a new venture.


  • Choose the right premises taking into account space, exposure, quality, length of contract and cost.
  • Borrow money from a range of lenders and/or ask for an overdraft from the bank.
  • Raise investment capital by selling equity in the company. Pay shareholders a dividend or re-invest profits to help the company grow.
  • Minimise debtors by choosing an appropriate credit control strategy, including invoice financing.
The organisation section within the online business simulation, SimVenture Evolution.
The Sales and Marketing area within the advanced online business simulation, SimVenture Evolution.

Sales and Marketing

  • Research the market and its different customer segments, demographics, competition, and customers to get feedback on products.
  • Set up branding, choose a target segment and the key selling points for the company’s products.
  • Choose product designs to sell and set a price for each, including a discount if needed.
  • Promote products to potential customers using a range of different promotional channels.
  • Find outlets for products across a variety of different sales channels.

Research & Development

  • Carry out research into new technologies which can be used as part of products in the future.
  • Design new products to match the branding strategy and to compete with competitors. Change the focus between designing the product, buying in technology or spending more time in production.
The research and development area within the online business simulation, SimVenture Evolution.
The operations area within the online business simulation game, SimVenture Evolution.


  • Choose a component supplier to determine the cost of components, their payment terms and delivery times. Decide on what stock level to maintain and how many to order in each batch.
  • For each product, choose whether to produce it in-house or using an external manufacturer. Decide how many products to produce each quarter and how many to produce in each batch.


  • Recruit your workforce
  • Select from permanent staff or contract labour
  • Decide staff ability/competency levels and how much you will pay them
  • Choose how to train staff and which recruitment methods to use
The resources area within the online business simulation game, SimVenture Evolution.
The History area of the advanced business simulation game, SimVenture Evolution.


  • Each quarter in the history provides a playback of the weekly performance.
  • A wide range of financial and operational reports are available to help analyse the business situation.
  • Data from the history can be exported and downloaded.
  • Learners view messages for each quarter providing extra information about strategy changes and other events.
  • Both profit and loss and cashflow forecasts can be prepared and analysed.


Learners also make decisions to improve the sustainability rating of their virtual business. These decisions may impact how customers perceive their products and company. Decisions can be made in the following areas:

  • Environment
  • Ethics
  • Premises
  • Supplier
  • Product Design
The sustainability area of the business simulation game, SimVenture Evolution.
Other tools within the business simulation game.

Other tools

  • A Journal is available for learners to keep a record of their progress and to explain their decision making.
  • A scenario briefing is provided, introducing the activity, setting out the objectives and providing extra information and guidance for the learner to use.
  • Tutors and learners can use the internal messaging system to communicate when needed.

Help and Support

An advisor section gives learners a knowledge base of key business strategies and methods to achieve their goals. Each area within the online business simulation also includes:

  • Information about the simulation
  • Key points users should consider when making a decision
  • The impact of making certain types of decision
  • Guidance about the main goals within the business area
Additional help and support built within the business simulation game.

Control Tower

The Control Tower functionality within Evolution allows tutors to setup and manage activities from a range of different scenarios. Learners are grouped together within the Control Tower and then linked to these activities. This functionality allows new learners to be added to the group and its linked activities.

Tutors can easily monitor and assess learner progress in considerable detail by accessing a wide range of reports and a leaderboard.

Accessing Evolution

Hand pointing at a laptop.

Evolution runs within a browser on a variety of different platforms – PC, Mac or Tablet can all be used. No technical software installation is needed. Users simply log in to their account and they are ready to go.

Learners participate as individuals or as teams. As long as there is an internet connection any user can interact with the system wherever they are in the world.