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SimVenture Evolution is our online business simulation software that allows people to start, manage and grow a virtual business, helping your learners to:

  • Improve their business and entrepreneurship knowledge through a learning by doing approach.
  • Enhance their personal and professional competencies required in the work place.
  • Become more curious and independent through taking risks and learning from mistakes.
  • Increase their learning satisfaction because they are actively engaged in the experience of running a business.

Online business simulation features

SimVenture Evolution departments view.
Business Areas

SimVenture Evolution is a business simulation allowing a learner to run a virtual business for up to 10 years in quarterly decision-making periods. All main areas of business are covered:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • R & D
  • Organisation
Control Tower

The Control Tower functionality within Evolution allows tutors to login, setup and manage activities choosing from for a range of different scenarios. Learners are grouped together and then linked to these activities, allowing new learners to be simply added to the group and its linked activities.

Having access to a wide range of reports, including a leader-board, tutors can monitor and assess learner progress in considerable detail.

SimVenture Evolution Control Tower Grid View.
Students playing online business simulation.
Product Delivery

Evolution runs on a browser on a variety of different platforms – PC, Mac or Tablet can all be used. No technical installation is needed. Users simply log into their account and they are ready to go.

Learners can take part as individuals or as teams. As long as there is an internet connection any user can interact with the system wherever they are in the world.

Help & Support

SimVenture Evolution includes a wealth of information, both textual and visual, to explain the principles of business available once you login.

Extensive help in textual and video form is also available to guide the learner around the user interface and the virtual business world in which they work.

Business people looking at graphs and resources on laptop and tablet.

What can you learn by using SimVenture Evolution?

SimVenture Evolution teaches learners a wide range of business and employability skills

Business people looking at graphs exported from the online business simulation SimVenture Evolution
Business Skills

Evolution encompasses a wide range of business activities, emphasising how they are all interlinked. No decision is taken in isolation but needs to be considered as part of the bigger picture. Areas covered are:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Financial Management
  • Research & Development
  • Operations & Organisation
  • Start-up and Growth Strategies
  • Strategic Thinking
Business people around a table talking about the online business simulation SimVenture Evolution
Employability Skills

Running a business in Evolution requires the learner to use and develop a number of workplace skills as part of the process:

  • Problem Solving
  • Planning
  • Presentation skills
  • Numeracy

And when used in a team environment, other important interpersonal skills are needed, such as:

  • Communication skills
  • Team working
  • Management skills

How do we support you?

We understand you could be concerned about how best to use this online business simulation games with confidence.  

To help you, our dedicated team of education and software professionals will guide you towards successful application of the software and be there with ongoing support.

Girl providing customer support for the online business simulation SimVenture Evolution using a laptop.

SimVenture Evolution provides a robust and realistic platform for the integration of theory and practice, which is absolutely crucial to entrepreneurship education. Students get to see for themselves what works – and what doesn’t – by working through the ‘fail-learn-redo’ cycle in a safe and controlled environment. The Control Tower feature is also a real time-saver because it allows tutors to organise student groups, check student progress and gather/assess performance data with relative ease.

Chris Mahon, University of Nottingham 2017