Ultimate Small Business Simulator and Business Game

Designed on three principles (authenticity, engagement and sustainability), this multi award-winning small business simulator from Venture Simulations allows people to start, manage and grow a micro computer company. Used throughout education as well as within the corporate training sector, SimVenture Classic focuses on the first 3 years of a company’s life. Users must think about almost all aspects of startup and small business management.

Digital learning resource provides in-depth learning

Juggling money, time, skills, stress and tiredness, users (working individually or as groups) quickly grasp how all subjects inter-connect. Little is left to chance and each simulated month, people must analyse all available information, make decisions and deal with arising consequences.

The small business simulator is also full of invaluable business information, advice and important reference materials. SimVenture Classic also includes extensive ‘Help’ in various formats (allowing people to use the simulation quickly) as well as a ‘Business Plan’ module, glossary of terms and much more. Watch these short films and see for yourself how it all works.

Backed by research and a global reputation

Our multi award-winning small business simulator is now used in 40+ countries throughout the world.

Corporate talent development and management training programmes make use of the learning solution to build business/commercial skills and to help people understand what it takes to manage and lead an entire company. Compared to traditional training methods, the award-winning business simulation is a proven and popular choice because it sustains engaged and authentic learning and reinforces how valuable employees should think about business. The business simulator requires people to use and develop critical thinking as well as problem solving skills.

Underpinned by numerous research studies, the interactive digital business game is used in hundreds of schools and colleges but is most popular within undergraduate and postgraduate higher education courses. Benefiting from multiple levels of difficulty, the business simulation provides a wide range of active learning experiences that can then be assessed via written essays, presentations and/or performance within the simulated environment.

In all cases, the software is installed and run from single machines or across a network. Maintenance contracts accompany all purchases.

Award-winning business simulation – try before buying

If you like the idea of using SimVenture Classic, we recommend that you request an on-line demo and/or evaluate the business game first. Evaluation copies are available for free (to professional teachers and trainers), cover every aspect of the product and last for 3 months. Find out more about how you can access and evaluate this multi-award winning small business simulator from Venture Simulations.

award-winning business simulation game technology from Venture Simulations Ltd