SimVenture Validate


Students and teacher around a table using laptop and smiling whilst considering experiential online learning opportunities

SimVenture Validate is an experiential online learning resource used by individuals and teams in a range of education environments. 

Validate is used for short events and activities such as bootcamps as well as workshops. The experiential online learning resource is also used for longer periods as part of business, enterprise and entrepreneurship modules at all levels.

Experiential Online Learning in Practice

To help you assess the value and impact of SimVenture Validate, we asked tutors and trainers to feedback their thoughts on the experiential online learning resource. 

Each of the short films answer three questions:

  • Why did you choose to use SimVenture Validate?
  • How did your students respond to Validate?
  • How did using Validate make you feel?
Tom Cooney – Professor of Entrepreneurship Technology University Dublin
Chris Jackson – Team Coach and Senior Lecturer Bishop Grossetest University
Tom Cooney – Technology University Dublin

SimVenture Validate is used by Professor Tom Cooney at Technology University Dublin on the Undergraduate New Venture Creation module. It was one element that contributed to 5-month programme of 18 lectures to 32 students- all completed remotely.

The students completed the following:

  • Organised online fundraising events and raised almost €32,000
  • Generated a business idea and developed it using the Business Model Canvas framework
  • Communicated their business idea through the creation of a video
  • Learned to understand finance and create financial projections
  • Developed their idea into a business proposal through the online tool Validate
  • Enhanced their presentation skills and pitched to VCs for money

“Despite people saying that remote learning is not as effective as classroom teaching, this group have highlighted that high-quality output is achievable in any circumstances if given the right support.”
Professor Tom Cooney, Technology University Dublin.

Dr Christina Haldane uses the experiential online learning resource with Performing Arts students

When Christina joined the team at the Fountain School of Performing Arts she was asked if she would devise a brand-new course for artists that focused on entrepreneurship. When considering SimVenture Validate as a potential element of her course she had questions about whether an online learning environment would be fulfilling for her students and would it provide for them essential experiential learning that they are so used to coming from a performing arts background. Her experience however was a positive one

“It was a great pleasure for me to see students working with Validate in this online environment. It was the perfect tool to start applying their ideas that they were learning in their course materials and doing so in an experiential way. And as a result, all my fears about online delivery quickly vanished because I knew I was able to provide students with this valuable experience.” 
Dr Christina Haldane – Assistant Professor Fountain School of Performing Arts, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada. 

The Open University use SimVenture Validate for their annual student Entrepreneurship Competition.

“The Validate platform is remarkably easy to use and serves as an excellent teaching tool for students new to the business model canvas…….asking students to use the Validate platform strengthened the entries compared to what we’ve seen in previous years. For students to go through this guided process and come out with a standardised portfolio which we can score in Open Learn Create’s assessment workshop really made the judge’s work easier and the student’s learning experience more enriched”
Rob Wilson Open University

And here is what one Open University student said:

“Just wanted to reach out to express how impressed I am with the Validate platform. I’m not only finding it enjoyable to use, it’s also proving priceless in helping me put the various aspects of my idea into perspective!”

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