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Students around a table smiling and using Experiential online learning software.

SimVenture Validate in Education

SimVenture Validate can be used in education to help learners develop, test and share their business ideas.

Students often have great business ideas. Yet many of them also need extra support when it comes to bringing their ideas to life.

So, we’re here to help you.

Students need to be able to have the tools and techniques to thoroughly think through, map or test out their ideas before proceeding with their concept.

SimVenture Validate has been designed with our clients to help you to develop your student’s enterprise and entrepreneurship skills.

This experiential online learning platform is used in educational institutions in over 40 countries all over the world to bring individuals and teams together to develop a wide range of workplace skills.

Diverse group of university students using SimVenture Validate for entrepreneurial education
Group of business people, designers and software developers working as a team in office

As an educator you can help your students develop and hone a wide range of skills including:

  • Thinking skills, research & analysis
  • Communication (verbal & written)
  • Problem solving & Decision making
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Financial awareness
  • Social & environmental awareness
  • Setting goals and priorities

Where is SimVenture Validate used in education?

Our clients have used SimVenture Validate in several different contexts including:

  • New Venture modules – undergraduate and postgraduate
  • Entrepreneurship courses and competitions
  • Enhancing pitches for financial support
  • Setting up a consultancy
  • Entrepreneurship in the Performing & Creative Arts
  • Fundraising events
  • To support ideation and innovative thinking
  • Students wanting to launch a product, service or third sector enterprise

Experiential Online Learning in Practice

Education: Students engaged in Experiential online learning.

SimVenture Validate can be used as a complete course over several months, a weekend or one-day event, and as a short taster session.

We understand that you may have reservations about how to use experiential on-line learning solutions.

To help you we have a dedicated team of education and software professionals to support the implementation of SimVenture Validate into your programme of studies.

Let us show you around the software.


Here are some reflections from educators who currently use SimVenture Validate

“Despite people saying that remote learning is not as effective as classroom teaching, this group have highlighted that high-quality output is achievable in any circumstances if given the right support.”
Professor Tom Cooney
Chris reflects on how SimVenture Validate helped to develop students’ thinking skills. Students found that they learned how to forecast the development of their businesses and was a real Eureka moment for students which helped to transform their businesses.
Chris Jackson
Team coach and Senior Lecturer
Bishop Grossetest University
Let us help you engage and inspire your students with an experiential learning platform, a plan that works for you and technology with which your learners will be excited to engage.

“The Validate platform is remarkably easy to use and serves as an excellent teaching tool for students new to the business model canvas…….asking students to use the Validate platform strengthened the entries compared to what we’ve seen in previous years. For students to go through this guided process and come out with a standardised portfolio which we can score in Open Learn Create’s assessment workshop really made the judge’s work easier and the student’s learning experience more enriched”

Robert Wilson, Open University