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Teaching with our online business simulation game, SimVenture Evolution.

As a professional in the education sector, we understand that finding ways of bringing online business learning to life in teaching is important to you.

The educational landscape is changing as the use of technology in teaching continues to grow. We know students acquire knowledge and skills most effectively and efficiently when they interact meaningfully with authentic learning opportunities. Our online business learning resource is rooted in both immersive and sound experiential pedagogy, which means your students are engaged whilst learning key entrepreneurship and business skills.

SimVenture Evolution has been designed with our clients to help you to develop your student’s business knowledge and competencies. This business simulation game is used by schools, colleges, and universities in over 40 countries all over the world to bring individuals and teams together to develop a wide range of skills including:

  • Business knowledge
  • Curious and independent learning
  • Workplace ready skills

The QAA Benchmark Statement for Business & Management (2019) and Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education (2018) guidance have been used to map the competencies that are developed in SimVenture Evolution.

Students around a laptop smiling using the business simulator.

Where is SimVenture Evolution used in teaching?

Our clients have used SimVenture Evolution in several different teaching contexts including:

  • Outreach programmes for schools
  • Foundation courses & Apprenticeship Levy
  • Business Management, Finance and Marketing courses
  • Global Competitions
  • Entrepreneurship & Enterprise courses
  • Post graduate programmes

How can the online business simulation be used in teaching?

Teaching engaged students using the online business simulation, SimVenture Evolution.

SimVenture Evolution can be used as a short taster session lasting 1-2 hours, for a one-day event or even a complete course of study lasting several months.

Let’s collaborate on a customised plan together which will help you to understand the technology and implement it into your programme of learning.


Learners who use the simulation tell us they appreciate…

  • Access to a flexible on-line business learning tool which is interactive, engaging, and enjoyable.
  • Increased engagement and interaction in their learning
  • Learning a wide range of workplace ready skills
  • Learning by doing that retains knowledge.
Students celebrating winning the business simulation game.
Let us help you engage and inspire your students with a trusted and proven product, a plan that works for you and technology with which your learners will be excited to engage.

The sophistication of SimVenture Evolution and the intuitive user interface meant the students’ initial contact with the simulation exceeded expectations and led to a very productive and positive experience. In the space of 3 hours, they went from, in some cases,  absolute novices where some had not even have heard of SimVenture,  to a group of Level 5 students who were working in close collaboration, albeit at times this was understandably tinged with keen rivalry. All learning and interaction spurred the students on to share their successes and failures with other team members”. 

Paul Kirikal, Oaklands College