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SimVenture Evolution Frequently Asked Questions

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Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions relating to the technical aspects of our advanced online business simulation game, SimVenture Evolution.

If you require further support, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

Users are sent a standard registration form by email, via their tutor/co-ordinator. This enables them to self-register online, giving their name and email details, and creating a username and password of their choice. Use the following link to login to SimVenture Evolution:

Tutors/co-ordinators are given free licences to perform their administration functions and are allocated usernames and passwords by their SimVenture contact once the purchase process is complete.

Tutors/co-ordinators email their users with standard instructions provided by their SimVenture contact. Users self-register online and tutor/co-ordinators validate their registration using the licence code provided by their SimVenture contact.

The Control Tower functionality provided for all tutors/co-ordinators allows monitoring and evaluation of group performance via their web browser, whatever their location. Detailed interaction with individuals, groups, or the entire cohort can be managed via the SimVenture messages facility within the software.

No, only user names and email addresses are held. Venture Simulations Ltd manage the data held in accordance with all current Data Protection legislation.

This is limited only by the number of current licences purchased by the organisation. Individual licences are issued for each user, for a given time period from 1 month to 1 year. Site-wide licences are also available.

We do not currently offer the SSO approach and there are no plans at this time to do so.

No, the URL is not customisable and there no plans to change this.

The server runs on the Windows Server operating system but the remainder of the information is proprietary and is commercially sensitive. The system is web-based and accessed completely through a web browser. Further information is not required by the user.

The on-line business simulation runs smoothly on nearly all browsers but the software does not perform well on Internet Explorer. However, SimVenture Evolution works well on Microsoft Edge.

Evolution is not mobile-friendly because there is too much information on individual screens. At this point in time there are no plans to build a smartphone version of the application, but we are looking into support apps which will enhance the user experience.

Please contact our Technical Team on: +44 (0) 1483 82776 /

Evolution allows users to work from remote locations on the same on-line company simultaneously. People can also use their preferred online collaboration tool (eg Zoom, Skype etc.) running in a separate browser tab alongside SimVenture Evolution to communicate when working as a team.

Business Simulation Support

If you are a trainer or tutor and seek SimVenture Evolution support, contact Venture Simulations. We will do our best to help you with any question or query. Our contact details are below. If you are a student or trainee using a SimVenture product within an education institution or organisation and have a technical query, please contact your lead tutor/trainer in the first instance.

SimVenture Evolution support is provided from our UK technical office. Being an on-line business simulation browser-based product, Evolution runs from our servers which are also currently located in the UK.