Education Overview

Effective learningHighly effective learning

Employers want people with initiative who can think, analyse and act independently yet also work within and lead teams. Self-employment is even more demanding.

As educators, how do we create the circumstances for effective learning and prepare people so they can take advantage of the opportunities they face and be best prepared for work?

Challenge the status quo

If you want to change the learning dynamic for a module, course or whole school (so students are more engaged and involved with active and effective learning) Evolution can help.

The on-line technology provides students with an authentic and challenging learning environment allowing them to setup, manage and/or grow a business solo or in groups. The learning resource allows you to monitor student work in-class or remotely and it supports a wide variety of courses and topics including:

  • Business Management
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Operations Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Decision Making and Risk Management
  • New Venture Creation
  • Entrepreneurship, enterprise & employability

Why not take a look at Evolution? Request a free evaluation account or live on-line demo from this site. In addition, discover how Evolution is being used to support modules at all levels (in class as well as distance learning) and what teachers and tutors are saying about the simulation’s impact.

Let our expert trainers help you

University College London used Simventure Evolution.

To help you make the most of the resources and technology we’ve developed, our team of Learning and Development specialists are on-hand to provide training and support in a variety of formats. Details about our on-line and on-site training support (as well as the popular Master SimVenture Evolution courses) are available on this website. If you can’t find what you require or need to clarify a related issue, please get in touch.

To give you a flavour of our work, two members of the Learning Development Team supported a large-scale event involving 160 undergraduate students at University College London. Watch the short film, featuring Lesley Strachan, to learn how SimVenture Evolution was used to develop enterprise, entrepreneurship and employability skills.

Engaging students and developing skills

Research and client feedback consistently demonstrates how SimVenture Evolution promotes engaging and effective learning. Students work in teams, make decisions, analyse information, continually solve problems and as a consequence develop critical employability skills.

When Paul Kirikal first used Evolution with students from Oaklands College, this was his reaction:

The sophistication of SimVenture Evolution and the intuitive user interface meant the students’ initial contact with the simulation exceeded expectations and led to a very productive and positive experience.

In the space of 3 hours they went from, in some cases,  absolute novices where some had not even have heard of SimVenture,  to a group of Level 5 students who were working in close collaboration, albeit at times this was understandably tinged with keen rivalry. All learning and interaction spurred the students on to share their successes and failures with other team members.

By the end of the session nearly all the students had been bitten by the SimVenture bug and were planning to work over the weekend at improving their business decision-making so that they could be more successful than their peers. Many thanks for all support from Lesley and the team.

And when Peter McGuire used SimVenture Evolution for the first time with 170 students at the University of West Scotland, he wrote to the team to share his experience.

We have now completed Trimester 1 and the use of SimVenture Evolution within our Business in Action module went down very well. To give you some idea of just how well it worked, here is one story of an individual who was part of the class.

A student was working on an assessment piece during their lunchtime at work. Whilst on SimVenture Evolution, their manager was passing by the desk and noticed the software on the screen. Upon enquiring about the work, the student explained what he was doing and shared the module and the game. The manager was so interested and engaged, that she wanted a shot at it too and started to advise the student on decisions to take. The final remark from the manager was, ‘Well don’t go bust!’ Quite ironic as the student works for a liquidation organisation.”

How SimVenture Evolution promotes effective learning

  • Placing studies in context so students benefit from studying in an authentic environment where knowledge is applied meaningfully
  • Engaging students in their work
  • Motivating students to solve problems and find answers individually, collaboratively and within a wider social community
  • Facilitating the construction of mental models that simultaneously develop new perspectives
  • Incorporating words, sounds and images within a flexible, hands-on approach, which appeals to all learning styles