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Developing Entrepreneurial Talent

Developing entrepreneurial talent
Working with Clients, Partner Agents and Individuals

Working globally, the SimVenture Team builds and provides innovative and award-winning learning solutions for the corporate training and education sectors.

Working with Clients

Our original business simulation, ‘SimVenture Classic‘ is used in 40+ countries. Our on-line simulation ‘SimVenture Evolution’ is used around the world by universities, colleges, corporations and associations.

SimVenture Validate, our latest ideation and business planning technology, is proving to be very popular, especially in universities.

Clients trust us because we have a strong track record of developing robust and authentic learning solutions that make a clear difference to teaching and learning. Our technologies work because their design and content is driven by feedback from clients.

Working with Partner Agents

Developing business and entrepreneurial talent means the team is always looking to build relationships and work with like-minded people. We are constantly recruiting Partner Agents from different parts of the world. If you want to be part of our success story then get in touch.

SimVenture Classic has been translated into Spanish, Italian, Chinese and Romanian. Plans are also in place to translate SimVenture Evolution into Arabic and Chinese. SimVenture Validate is currently only in English but a number of translation projects are currently being considered.

Trading worldwide within the Corporate and Education sectors, we take great pride in:

  • creating outstanding learning solutions
  • building authentic business simulations
  • developing lasting partnerships
  • working with engaged champions
  • striving for constant development

Our mission is to continually build learning solutions so that we are always developing entrepreneurial talent. If you are interested in working with us or being part of the SimVenture team, find out more about what we do and what drives us to make a difference.

Working with individuals

We are always pleased to hear from people who use our learning solutions. Whether it’s a glowing testimonial or feedback about an aspect of the technology that doesn’t work so well, we are always listening. 

You can let us know your thoughts via twitter, email or phone. And you can keep up-to-date with all our latest news via our news feed.


developing entrepreneurial talentCase Study Material

Increasingly, students wish to complete SimVenture-based case studies. As such, all information below is designed to help with this work. If you find you need additional material publishing on this page, please get in touch.

The Original Idea: Brothers Paul and Peter Harrington (who live 250 miles apart) first shared the idea for a start-up simulation in 2001. Peter was frustrated by the high number of failing UK start-ups and the fact start-up training had not changed for decades. 

Building SimVenture Classic: Paul Harrington is a simulation specialist and was responsible for all the technical development of SimVenture Classic. Additional contractors were used to support the development of  certain elements of the interface, most notably the 3D Home page. For reference, Peter is a serial entrepreneur and he provided much of the underpinning insight as to how start-up businesses function.

Launching SimVenture Classic: Taking 4 years to build, Classic was first launched in September 2006 at a UK Higher Education Conference. Peter Harrington demonstrated the first version the simulation to a room of 50+ academics, many of whom went onto buy the product.

Winning Awards: SimVenture Classic has won 4 awards since launch in 2006. Perhaps the most notable of all the awards is the 2008 BETT award. Competitors in the category included organisations such as the BBC.

Building SimVenture Evolution: With the on-line revolution came an on-line product. Working with 9 Partner Clients, the software development team spent over 4 years building the first version of Evolution. Whilst Paul Harrington spearheaded all work, additional people were available to support the development of the product. Evolution launched in 2016.

Launching SimVenture Evolution: Having a large global client-base eased the launch of the new on-line simulation. There was no grand opening; instead existing clients were able to test the new product, give their feedback and share how they would incorporate the new learning solution into their work.

SimVenture People: More information about the UK leadership team responsible for managing all work is available on this site. The company also works with up to 15 Partner Agents around the world who distribute software and provide training on the company’s behalf.

SimVenture Patents: A number of patents relating to SimVenture are currently being considered.