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Order SimVenture Classic business simulation software
Order SimVenture Classic

SimVenture Classic and related training services are supplied to individuals and organisations throughout the world. Details about how you can obtain software and/or training are provided below.

The business simulation is a PC-Windows-based product and can be run on single machines or across an entire network using the company’s network licence software. If you want to use Classic on a Mac then you need to use Windows emulation software such as Parallels or install Windows within ‘Bootcamp’ on your Mac computer.

All software is supplied in download format and includes a year of free maintenance and technical support. You can also find out more about the training and facilitation services we provide if you need additional our expertise to accompany any software order.

Personal Purchase

To order SimVenture Classic for your own personal use, you can choose to buy an annual or permanent copy of the software. In both cases, one licence allows one personal computer to operate the software.

  • An annual personal licence operates for 12 months and costs £20 + VAT
  • A permanent personal licence operates forever and costs £40 + VAT

To purchase a personal copy of SimVenture Classic, visit our PayPal ordering page.

Please note, all personal licence prices are based on software being used outside the classroom.

Organisational Purchase

To order SimVenture Classic on behalf of an organisation, we recommend that you first review the prices published on this website and then request a formal written quote.

Once you are satisfied with the quote, we will either need an official PO number or payment in advance in order to supply software and any related training.


Details about all training and support including on-line and on-site facilitation as well as the Master SimVenture Classic courses can be found on this website. Available information includes prices, dates and how training is delivered to suit your needs. If you can’t find what you require or need to clarify a related issue, please contact the Learning and Development Team.