Extended Maintenance

Extended Maintenance - Have peace of mind whenever using SimVenture Classic
Extended Maintenance contracts = Peace of Mind

Extended Maintenance and Support

When you choose to buy annual or permanent SimVenture Classic licences, your purchase is always accompanied by 12 months’ free maintenance and technical support.

This support means we will always ensure the software works on your system and provide simulation updates when they are released. After any 12-month period, and for continued peace of mind, you have the opportunity to purchase an Extended Maintenance and Support contract so you are assured we will look after your software.

What do you have to do to buy Extended Maintenance?

If you have an existing contract sit tight. We will contact you.

If you have an existing maintenance contract in place you will automatically be contacted by a member of the VSL team after 10 months of software use. You’ll be offered up to three different maintenance packages although whilst not recommended, you can choose to use the software without having a maintenance package in place.

Depending on the package you choose to purchase, an Extended Maintenance and Support contract will cover the following issues:

  • Provision of latest software & updates
  • Technical Support ensuring software always works on your system
  • Bug fixes
  • Access to on-line materials/advice
  • On-line training
  • Free tutor licences

Extended MaintenanceWhy buy Maintenance?

In short, because you have peace of mind and continuity of software service.

Organisations using SimVenture Classic (especially with large numbers of people) typically renew their maintenance contract after each 12 month period (when the package offer prices are provided).  The offer prices are discounted by at least 33%.

Whilst occurrence is rare, when a technical problem does happen (thus stopping people from using the software), VSL will always seek to provide a fix as soon as possible – and this is often within minutes of a problem being reported.

Why do technical problems occur?

After 12+ years of use all over the world, SimVenture Classic is very stable software. In 95%+ of all cases, reported software problems occur because of a problem with the network or computers where SimVenture Classic is being used. For example, when an institutional server crashes or fails, installed SimVenture Classic licences will stop working. Likewise, the software cannot be relocated to a new server without fresh activation codes being supplied by VSL (the software is protecting itself from being copied).

Since the VSL Software Support team has zero visibility of (and access to) institutional computers and servers, our engineers are only able to provide technical support with the direct assistance of IT professionals who work in that organisation.

What happens if you discover SimVenture Classic is not working on your system?

Simple. Ask your own IT colleague to contact our Software Development Team immediately. If a maintenance contract is in place, we will fix the problem as fast as we can.

However, should a contract not be in place when a problem with the software occurs, VSL will need to quote to supply a new contract. A purchase order or payment in advance is required ahead of fixing the technical problem. This lag can affect continuity of teaching/training. Any quote supplied by VSL will not include any discounted offers.

Request more information and get a quote

Extended Maintenance contracts are available for purchase only from VSL. Contracts last for 12 months and cost from as little as 6% of the total value of owned SimVenture Classic software. Any contract purchased covers individual software licences as well as a network licence server (where used).

For reference, according to an article from Soft Resources the industry standard for an annual software maintenance contract is 16-25% of the total value of owned software.

If you are unsure about your organisation’s maintenance status and/or would like a quote to provide 12 additional months of cover, please contact the Sales and Client Support team. To assign cover, a purchase order or payment in advance will first need to be received by VSL.