Evidence & Assessment

evidence assessment
Measuring business simulation performance

Measuring student performance

Evidence assessment is a key part of any course or programme of study. As such,  SimVenture Classic has been designed to ensure user decisions and progress within the simulation is automatically stored for review later.

Key functionality has been included within the simulation so user notes and plans can be recorded and then retrieved either in print or electronic format. You will also find that we have included on this site a range of teaching and training resources, several of which reference assessment and/or performance measurement.

The small business simulation also includes a powerful ‘Data Analysis’ tool. This feature allows you to gather, analyse and compare every piece of data generated by each person using the software.

How data is collected for evidence assessment

The following points summarise the different ways in which evidence is gathered within the business simulator:

  • History function shows all completed monthly activity/financial reports which the user can save and/or print (see below)
  • Notepad function allows users to record notes, personal memos and short essays
  • Data analysis tool allows all user data to be compared and assessed quickly
  • Save & load function allows files to be electronically stored & retrieved
  • Business Plan feature allows the user to write a full plan for their virtual or real business

Since SimVenture Classic collects user data in different formats, you have a number of options available to assess user performance. Whilst there is no single standard measure, people using the simulator apply a mix of approaches to assess student performance and competence which include: written essays, presentations, competitions and project work.

How the ‘History’ function works in Classic

Evidence assessment History Page SimVenture Classic
Monthly summary performance

The ‘History’ function within Classic provides users with immediate access to data generated each time a month is run within the simulation.

The monthly summary performance screen highlights how money and time has been used, identifies all messages and breaks down all the key financial information including the movement of cash through the business.

Users can also drill down into more detail and review their own monthly profit and loss and cashflow performance. All information can be saved for review at a later point in time or printed out for evidence assessment purposes.

Evidence assessment History Page SimVenture Classic
Monthly Finance report within History

To see how the history function works together with all the other measurement functions, you can request your own evaluation copy of the small business simulator from this site.