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What people say about SimVenture Classic

SimVenture Classic feedback

.The quotes below are all examples of education testimonials provided by clients. Feedback ranges from a home-school tutor to a Senior Lecturer at the University of Cambridge.

From all the evidence, the business simulator has made and continues to make a real impact within education environments. But what makes us most proud is the fact that nearly all feedback has been unsolicited.

If you have used SimVenture Classic in an educational environment and want to feedback your experience of using the small business simulation, we would be delighted to hear from you so please get in touch.


Education Testimonials

“I have had all my A-level economics and business students playing SimVenture Classic this week and it has been a huge success. They are all on task and I have not seen a single one navigate away from the game in lessons (surf the net, check e-mail etc.); given that we are in the midst of a football world cup that is impressive. I am particularly impressed by the questions they ask each other. Yesterday one of my students (who is less ‘confident’ in the subject) asked me ‘why is my bank balance so poor when I am making so much profit?’ Superb! This allowed a discussion regarding the Balance Sheet, the difference between profit and cash, as well as the meaning of the terms debtors and creditors.”

Head of Business & Economics, Poole Grammar School

“We used SimVenture Classic as part of a competition. The software was excellent. The students found it very challenging and really stimulating. It incorporates all aspects of business and really gets the students to think and apply all the business knowledge they have gained. An exciting piece of software which is addictive and rewarding.”

Lecturer, Dudley College

“Just had to write to say how much your SimVenture Classic game has added to my children’s experience of business. We are a family educating at home and my two 12-year old children expressed an interest in following a GCSE Business Studies course this year. I happened upon SimVenture Classic on the internet and was attracted by the idea of learning through practical gaming.

“I am so glad I bought a license. The business game is easy to learn and seriously addictive once you start. The more you play, the more you understand how different factors have to be balanced in a business environment. Ultimately you must consider sales, marketing, finance, personnel management, buildings, resources, suppliers, effective use of time and effort – phew! I have the time to write to you at the moment, because my children are busily engaged in the kitchen talking about market share and pricing strategies! They have learnt more on this game than they could ever have learnt just from a book, because they are personally engaging with the running of a business. My personal congratulations to you and I hope that the business flourishes as it should.”

Parent and Home Teacher

“Over the past two weeks I have run the SimVenture Classic programme with a group of Level 2 Electrical apprentices and Level 3 ICT students. Both sessions were 6 hours. Engagement levels were very high and I found myself facilitating rather than teaching. This proved to be a very enjoyable experience for all. In one group a student who showed little interest at the start of the session went on to make a profit of over £250,000 and was hooked. The plenary session at the end revealed that students thought they had learnt a great deal about running a business within a very short time and liked the hands on approach provided by SimVenture Classic.”

Lecturer, Bishop Aucklands College

“We finally ran our first training day yesterday! It was a great success – biggest problem I had was getting the students off the business game once they were playing!”

Senior Lecturer, Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge

“I taught a whole day of an intensive module in Electrical Engineering using SimVenture Classic this week. It was the deepest we’ve ever got into the game in a single session and the students were very bright. Even though I’ve used it many times now, I found myself absolutely staggered by the depth, complexity and realism of the business game and found several new screens that I’d overlooked in the past.”

Entrepreneurship Development Manager, University of Birmingham