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Applying SimVenture Classic

Applying SimVenture Classic
Applying SimVenture Classic within education

Students participating in high quality learning are typically placed in situations where they must make decisions and deal with consequences – rather than be passive receivers of information.

Since the business simulation engages students in deep authentic learning it is now used all over the world in nearly all education environments. The simulator is most popular in university settings. Read this Case Study from Teesside University to learn more about applying SimVenture Classic.

Case Study

How SimVenture Classic works

As a flexible learning resource, the learning solution includes a range of pre-set Scenarios allowing students to learn how to use the business simulation in ‘bite-size’ chunks. This ensures learning is managed effectively.

SimVenture Classic can be used intensively over one day or over a period of weeks or even months. People work at their own speed. The startup simulation also includes extensive in-built ‘Help’ so students can always find answers to their queries.

Working as individuals or in groups, users make decisions and then ‘run’ virtual months.. The business simulator plays the role of the market and allows people to ‘play’ for up to 36 simulated months. Decisions can be made in all business areas in each monthly cycle. The sophistication of the small business simulation means issues including money, time, stress, tiredness and skills are continually monitored and simulated.

Additional features to assess performance

Applying SimVenture Classic has been made easier with the inclusion of additional features that are designed to capture and then help assess student performance.

• History function shows all completed monthly activity and financial reports (automatically generated)
• Notepad function allows users to record personal memos
• Save & load function allows files to be electronically stored & retrieved
• Print function allows users to easily generate reports and plans
• The Data Analysis tool allows tutors to quickly assess all user performance

As part of any training package provided by the Venture Simulations team, teachers and trainers learn how to make best use of the features within the business simulation.