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If you are about to study with Validate as part of a module or course, you’re in the right place. Watch these short informative films and you’ll be up and running with SimVenture Validate in no time.

All the films are designed to help you master the on-line platform quickly. There’s also additional written information below which provides basic structured guidance for using the product.




1. Watch this video to view the new home screen on Validate and how it divides into two key sections. To help you study with Validate, this short film focuses on the fundamentals of how the Idea Generator works. And you’ll cover all this in under 4 minutes.

2. Watch this video to take a deeper dive into the Idea Generator platform. To help you study with Validate find out how you can make use of all the features so you can think through and develop all the ideas that you generate.

3. Having looked at the Idea Generator, now move onto Create a Canvas. To help you study with Validate, this video shows you the basics of populating the canvas with your own creative and entrepreneurial ideas and how to use the on-line platform quickly. Watch all this in under 3 minutes.

4. Watch the Test video and learn how the platform allows you to test your thinking and ideas and discover how your work is recorded in the system. Find out how and why what you initially think is a great idea, isn’t all it’s cracked up to be,

5. To complete your study with Validate, watch this Portfolio film and see how the information you input into the platform is displayed and shared. Learn how to access and share your Portfolio work in multiple formats.

Further Study with Validate

To help you study with Validate and fast-track your knowledge and understanding, here’s a short step-by-step guide to get you started. Use this material to help you into the platform, to help you navigate within the system and make best use of all the functionality.

Validate for Students

How to access your own SimVenture Validate Licence

Licences are typically supplied to/through an education institution or organisation. All licences are supplied in electronic format (login using email and password) so that they can then be easily distributed.

The best way to learn how to use SimVenture Validate is to have access to your own licence as you watch the videos above (which are also provided via the Vimeo platform).