business validation

SimVenture Validate Learning Solution

SimVenture Validate is an on-line platform that supports business validation. Validate builds on thinking and methodology underpinning the world-renowned Business Model Canvas.

Easy to use, SimVenture Validate allows anyone to generate, develop and get feedback on any entrepreneurial idea. The on-line business validation learning solution also allows users to measure market demand, and check all key assumptions that fit within a self-constructing business plan. Take a look on this site to see how Validate is applied.

How the business validation tool works

As an on-line resource, Validate offers a ‘block by block’ structured approach to learning. Working much like a detective on their own business idea, users gradually build a ‘Portfolio’ of information that shows progress, but crucially identifies gaps and assumptions that have to be filled and proven.

The flexible learning solution can be used intensively over a short period such as a morning or whole day. Alternatively, users of the software can generate ideas and/or build their Portfolio over a period of a few weeks to fit in with any course module or work schedule.

Whilst Validate is easy to start, the questions and subsequent tests (which are all carefully structured around the segments within the Business Model Canvas) become increasingly challenging to fulfil.

As a consequence, users realise what they know and more significantly what they don’t know. Gaps in knowledge and understanding point people in the appropriate direction to complete further research work.

SimVenture Validate – Gets people out of the building

Being asked the right questions, undertaking market research and seeking advice typically leads to one thing – people realise they have to get out of the building to find answers that will support the completion of a properly validated on-line ‘Portfolio’ within the system.

Leaving ‘the building’ opens peoples’ minds to new ideas and possibility.

Validate keeps trainers and tutors in touch

As people develop their Business Model Canvas within Validate, so tutors and trainers are able to view and assess individual progress through the on-line platform. The system identifies how often people use the platform and what elements of any ‘Portfolio’ have and have not been completed.

Once a Portfolio is complete, users are able to share their work in either electronic (link or PDF) or printed format. The layout and colourful clarity of the portfolio makes it is easy for anyone to understand and use.

Who uses the business validation tool?

The platform is used by individuals or teams and works very successfully in a range of environments including education, commerce as well as within social entrepreneurship settings.

Academics responsible for entrepreneurship, enterprise or business modules (typically 16 or over) use Validate to support courses that require people to think of new ideas and ventures and/or create some or all aspects of a Business Model Canvas or Business Plan.

Validate provides excellent support for ‘intrepreneurship’ thinking and innovation projects within larger organisations. Since SimVenture Validate offers a coherent and consistent platform for people to develop and share ideas, it is easy to generate robust results amongst a group of people.