Our Purpose and Values


Our purpose and values focus on a commitment to develop highly innovative learning solutions that engage people and advance teaching & training.

purpose and values

Customer First

Our relationship with customers worldwide is paramount. Delivering excellent products and services is the backbone of the company.

purpose and values

Trust and Confidence

Through all our work we seek to generate and sustain confidence as well as build strong and lasting bonds of trust with all clients, suppliers and colleagues.

Equal Opportunities

As an equal opportunities employer, we seek to work with bright minds regardless of race, religion, gender or disability.


We enjoy working with curious, independent-minded self-starters who have an informed opinion about the future of education and training.

purpose and values

Mutual Respect

In everything we do, we seek to work in an environment of mutual respect. We can all make tea. We can all clean up. We all make mistakes.

purpose and values

Rigour and Error

As a pioneering organisation, rigour is critical. Yet mistakes can occur when boundaries are pushed. Error is always an opportunity to learn and progress.


Generous Honesty

We believe in giving first, being honest and sharing openly how we can help customers & work with all stakeholders over the long term.

purpose and values


As part of our flat structure, people are continuously encouraged to work together, communicate and always share thoughts and ideas.

Our Purpose and Values

Our purpose and values are embedded in a common and deep belief that we can improve the way people learn about business, enterprise and entrepreneurship. Since the company was first founded by brothers Paul and Peter Harrington in 2005, there has been a determination to progress learning, teaching and training so people are better able to perform and enjoy their time in study as well as work.

If you share our purpose and values then why not get in touch? Whether you are a researcher, potential employee, prospective partner agent or client (or simply like what we do) there may be an opportunity to collaborate or work together. You'll find we are up to stuff in most parts of the world.

Read our Equality Policy

To learn more about our approach to equal opportunities, read our Equality Policy below.

Read our Equality Policy