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Watch SimVenture Evolution Films

Use this page to watch SimVenture Evolution films. Learn more about the business simulation, how it works and what it offers.

To view the films, simply click the 'Play' button to run each video. Use the expand icon button to view in full screen mode.

Inclusive films and new features

To help everyone watch SimVenture Evolution films we have included written captions. Just make sure you select the 'Choose Captions' button when watching.

We will be continually updating and adding more SimVenture Evolution films and content. Bookmark this page so you can easily keep up to date with learning support developments, You can also find a wealth of supporting materials within the respective corporate and education learning resource pages on this website.

If there are any specific business topics you would like us to focus on, please get in touch with the Learning and Development Team. To maintain highest education and training quality standards, we are always keen to receive feedback and develop support materials in line with teaching, training and learning needs.

WT-1 Basics (3:30)

Find out the fundamentals of SimVenture Evolution. Learn how the learning solution works, discover key features and understand what the business simulation might do for you.

WT-2 Navigation (3:45)

Learn how you to find your way around the simulation and make best use of all functionality. Discover how SimVenture Evolution has been designed as user-friendly learning technology for digital natives.

WT-3 Workflow (3:44)

Discover how to make use of all information available within the business strategy game so that informed decisions can be made and results assessed on an ongoing basis.

WT-4 Help & Advice (2:23)

Understand how to access all the help and advice available throughout SimVenture Evolution. Discover how users of the learning technology are supported before, during and after they run the simulator.