Student Support

SimVenture student supportSimVenture Student Support: Make best use of the simulation

SimVenture student support is provided in various formats to help you understand how to make best use of the business simulation in any learning environment.

When reviewing SimVenture student support on this page, it’s recommended you have an Evolution licence open at the same time so you can check the functionality.

Download the SimVenture Evolution User Manual

Our on-line student User Manual explains how to get started with SimVenture Evolution and how to use the key functions within the simulation.

Access your Student User-Manual from this page or from within the simulation:

Student User-Manual

Watch supporting Films

Short films and videos that explain how to use SimVenture Evolution are available on this website and within the simulation. Watch these 4 short films to understand the fundamentals of the business simulation. The 4th of 4 films (WT-4) specifically focuses on user Help and Advice.

Access explanation of Terms and Context Sensitive Help

SimVenture Student SupportIn the top right-hand corner of every screen within Evolution are two icons. Clicking the ‘Magnifying glass’ will change the colour of certain words on individual screens, typically to a light orange colour. You can then click any ‘orange’ text to reveal to meaning and/or an explanation of that term.

Context sensitive help and deeper explanations about any page are available by clicking the ‘Question mark’ button.

Use supporting Information within the Simulation

SimVenture student supportWithin every decision area of the simulation, you will also find tabs explaining information relating to that subject.

Typically, you will find the following tabs as per the Production page (see image): Overview, Information, Guidance, Key Considerations and Impacts. Whenever you are unsure about a decision, the Key Considerations and Impacts tabs help you to analyse how best to think about progress.

simventure student supportWhilst none of the tabs seek to provide solutions, this supporting information will help you make more informed decisions.

SimVenture Student Support you won’t find

Being an authentic learning resource, SimVenture Evolution is designed to help you acquire and apply relevant learning. We want you to develop your critical thinking ability and employability skills. SimVenture student support doesn’t provide solutions and quick answers – and we don’t highlight what you have to do to pass the test or get you the best grade (mainly because this is up to your tutor). Thinking sometimes can be hard, but when it is, progress is made.