SimVenture Evolution User Interface -  Map Page
The ‘Map’ is a central Navigation function

SimVenture Evolution User Interface

Designing the SimVenture Evolution user interface took several years to finalise. Like a large and complex jigsaw puzzle, the development team wanted to bring a number of inter-connected learning elements together.

This gallery of screenshots shows how different aspects of the business simulation’s user interface appear on screen.

Compared to SimVenture Classic, the Evolution interface is simpler and contains less text. This design style makes it easier for the user to find and interpret key information and also to navigate through the business simulation.



Simventure Evolution User Interface -  Briefing PageImages and Screenshots

You’ll see from the images and gallery of screenshots that relevant business theory and related information is also included within Evolution.

However, this supporting text is typically hidden from the main game screens. By keeping the simulation separate from content, users are better able to navigate through the screens and thus receive a more engaging learning experience.

Bespoke video clips have also been included within the business game. For example, as shown in the image, users can view briefings from ‘Claire Jones’. In this excerpt, Claire is explaining what she expects of the incoming CEO who will be taking over the reins of the new business.

Users are able to watch Claire’s briefing repeatedly or instead click one of the other available buttons to gather and read about the same information. The SimVenture Evolution user interface has been purposefully designed to cater to all learning styles and abilities.



Simventure Evolution User Interface -  Advisor Page
The ‘How do I’ pages support users with valuable tips and advice

Help and Support

To ensure people are able to make best use of the simulation, various screens are included that provide help and support.

Building on our design experience (and feedback from SimVenture Classic), tips and advice pages are included.

We have also added graphical information throughout the simulation that allows people to understand the potential impact of any decision in any business area.




Simventure Evolution User Interface -  Borrowing Impacts Page
Users can view potential impacts of any decision

Impact Diagrams

The ‘impacts’ diagrams have been designed and included to show people how the simulation will interpret decisions. By understanding the knock-on impact of any decision made within Evolution, users are better able to make good decisions and learn more deeply about how a business functions.






Simventure Evolution User Interface -  Pricing Key Considerations PageKey Considerations and Pop-ups

The simulation includes Key Consideration information which is all designed to support users when making decisions. Having access to this level of functionality means users are always able to make informed decisions. Pop-ups also appear as part of the simulation – for example, when tutors and instructors want to send messages.






Simventure Evolution User Interface -  History PageRunning the Business Simulation

When users ‘run the quarter’ within the simulation, a detailed breakdown of all key information is shared on screen within ‘History’. The image shown highlights what people see after any quarterly period is completed within the business simulation.

Easy-to-access buttons also appear on the ‘History’ page (Charts, Tables, Custom Reports etc.) allowing users can quickly analyse resulting information and measure business performance and progress.




Simventure Evolution User Interface -  Equity PageConsistency

For consistency, all the pages within the main functional areas of the business simulation appear in a standard format style. Keeping the SimVenture Evolution user interface consistent helps people get to grips more quickly with the simulation and fosters higher engagement levels.