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SimVenture Evolution education resources
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SimVenture Evolution Education Resources

SimVenture Evolution education resources are continuously being developed to support and enhance your work with the business simulation. All the materials are designed to support the use of SimVenture Evolution in any learning environment.

Materials will continue to be developed to help you make the best use of the business simulation game within your teaching environment. You will find a sample of the materials on this page, and a comprehensive suite of up-to-date SimVenture Evolution education resources are available within the SimVenture Club. All SimVenture clients are provided with free access to the Club. For more details, contact the Sales and Client Support team.

How materials are developed

Designed and led by education professionals who have CIM or CIMA qualifications as well as extensive experience in using business simulations and business games, the materials link practical activities, theory, and teaching.

The team is constantly creating new education resources and uploading them to the website so do check out this site on a regular basis. In addition, if you believe you need a specific resource, activity or scenario to support your teaching or training with SimVenture Evolution and cannot find it on this site, please get in touch with the Learning and Development team to see how they can support you.

Sample SimVenture Evolution education resources

Our team is dedicated to helping you fully integrate the simulation to create seamless planning, delivery, and assessment. The following documents are provided as examples of the way we provide ‘wrap-around’ support for institutions who want to get the best from SimVenture Evolution. They represent a sample of the full range of over 100 resources which are available within the SimVenture Club.

Course administration and validation

One page case studies

These resources are linked to specific scenarios available within the simulation. They provide a structure through which students can engage with the simulation in a variety of ways. The academic team at SimVenture have developed over 90 one-page case studies which can be used across a wide range of learning situations and levels of challenge. Tutors have the option of deciding which case studies to utilize in their modules/training programmes.

Each of the topics listed below can be explored using the range of case studies developed by the SimVenture Team. For each topic, we have provided 4 examples to reflect the four most common ‘formats’ in which the simulation is used.

Lesson plans for tutors

Each lesson plan provides example learning outcomes and the transferable skills that students will develop, along with a suggested plan of activities designed with a traditional contact time of 50 minutes in mind. Learning outcomes can be amended to suit different levels of study.