Education Partners

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Education Partners who supported the development of SimVenture Evolution

Working with Education Partners is central to our success

As part of the ongoing development of SimVenture Evolution, the team work closely with a range of key education partners mainly in the higher education sector.

The  guidance and support received by the SimVenture team ensured that the final product (SimVenture Evolution) matched what clients required from latest business simulation technology. Ongoing feedback also ensured the new product built on the success of the off-line simulator, SimVenture Classic. Some of the key feature improvements that Partners wanted built into the new simulation included:

  • Full and partial rewind functionality
  • Tutor access to live student work (communication, instruction and assessment)
  • Scale-up as well as start-up business experience
  • Multi-product management
  • Simplified user-interface
  • Supporting information showing algorithm impact

Once SimVenture Evolution was published, all partners were provided with a site-wide business simulation for courses at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels for a minimum of two years. Partners were also provided with free resources, materials and training support.

This is an opportunity to publicly thank all involved:

Work continues with education partners

Thanks to the excellent ongoing relationship with all education partners, the SimVenture team continues to receive feedback and work in partnership with all institutions. The continued work means that the team has been able to develop a wide range of materials that link directly to business and entrepreneurship modules and courses. More information about the materials our team has developed are available on this site.

Testimonials from any of the institutions with whom we have worked are also available on request. If your institution is interested in working in partnership with the SimVenture team on new technology development initiatives, please contact the Sales & Client Support team.