Develop workforce talent

Develop workforce talent and allow skilled people to drive your organisation
Develop workforce talent and allow skilled people to drive your organisation

Develop workforce talent to drive your organisation forward

Successful organisations continuously develop workforce talent. Enterprising cultures thrive when people appreciate the wider business context, understand and manage risk effectively and ultimately make sound commercial decisions. Skilled people making best use of their talents drive businesses forward.

To support you, we offer a range of focused and authentic simulation support packages. Each package puts people into active-learning situations involving decisions and consequences. Our packages cover four core areas, all detailed below:

1. Add value to your existing skills-based programs

Use Evolution to bring a subject to life and engage people in personal learning. Whether it’s finance for non financial managers, strategic management or business transformation, we can help. Our simulation activities challenge individuals and teams so people work outside their normal comfort zone.

2. Develop future leaders

Evolution is a powerful resource  to support and test anyone needing to develop management and/or leadership skills. Working solo or in teams, people run their own virtual company and are responsible for all decisions and consequences. Facilitators assign tasks for personal study or create programs to roll out across the organisation.

3. Team-working and Team-events

develop workforce talentWorking together or remotely, team assignments test interpersonal as well as business skills. Communication, negotiation and leadership come in to play as the group is presented with multi-faceted decisions in a dynamic and active learning environment. At the same time, trainers or facilitators are able to monitor progress remotely, change settings to adjust challenges and communicate with and assess performance throughout. You can also use our technology to support large-scale events where teams collaborate or compete.

4. Effective recruitment and selection

Incorporating a range of subject-specific activities, Evolution is a powerful tool for assessing peoples’ business and commercial acumen – before you hire! Use Evolution so people analyse information, make decisions, deal with consequences and/or work in a team. As an active and authentic learning resource Evolution provides you with a powerful mechanism to gain insight into peoples’ true business and/or commercial ability.