The Advanced Business Simulation setting new Standards

Since 2002, we've held the view that well constructed advanced business simulation technology should be used to help people learn about business, management and entrepreneurial leadership. It's our belief that people learn best when emotionally engaged in an authentic, active environment involving decisions, consequences and problem-solving tasks.

What is SimVenture Evolution?

Our on-line advanced business simulation is a flexible learning solution allowing people to start, manage and/or grow a virtual bicycle manufacturing company for up to 10 simulated years. Running in quarterly (3 month) periods users make decisions in virtually all areas of business. When users 'run the quarter' the simulation's carefully designed algorithms calculate the effects of all choices made and presents the resultant impacts on screen within seconds.

What are the key learning outcomes associated with using SimVenture Evolution?

Using the simulation, people learn how all aspects of running a business interact and what thinking, analysis and decisions are required to succeed in a startup business. Since Evolution is designed to be an authentic simulation, a key outcome many experience is how easy it is to make mistakes and even fail. By challenging users, people discover new levels of curiosity and better questions to ask of themselves, co-workers as well as tutors and trainers.

What aspects of business do users control in Evolution?

Users make decisions in virtually all areas of business. From designing detailed research and marketing campaigns through to production, purchasing and people management, little is left to chance. Users manage finances and the simulation includes tools such as forecasting, budgeting, balance sheets and more. People also manage their virtual time and additional considerations such as staff morale and efficiency add to the sense of realism and complexity.

How do students and tutors/trainers access the business simulation?

Using an email and password people login to Evolution. The on-line platform can be accessed on PC, Mac or Tablet. The learning technology allows people to work individually or in teams either in class or remotely. Tutors and trainers also have access to the 'Control Tower'. Accessed remotely, this area of the simulation allows administrators to: Coordinate the management of user licences; Place people into teams; Assess completed work; And more.

How and why is Evolution different to other business simulations?

No two learning solutions are the same but Evolution has many features not found in other simulations. Evolution includes multiple scenarios, allows people to run a business for up to 40 turns, offers extensive 'Help' and subject information (multiple formats) and users can also rewind quarters or whole games. The Control Tower gives tutors/trainers access to user work and a library of free teaching resources accompanies the simulation.

How and where is Evolution used?

Evolution users collaborate or compete against each other or the computer for up to a day or over many weeks. Whilst used globally in schools & colleges, simulation client numbers are greatest in Higher Education (all levels). Modules include: Strategy, New Venture Creation & Financial and Business Management. Corporate trainers use Evolution to fast-track commercial, team-working and business skills. Evolution is also a popular 'away-day' event resource.

How do we make it as easy as possible to adopt Evolution in any learning environment?

We appreciate tutors/trainers have questions or concerns when using new learning technology. That's why we've designed extensive 'Help' into the platform and have a team of expert academic and corporate trainers on-hand to answer questions, advise and share good practice quickly. And that team has also created a library of free learning and teaching materials and on request provide on-line support, training and instruction.

Key Features

advanced business simulation
advanced business simulation
advanced business simulation

Advanced Business Simulation Key Features

Highly Versatile

  • Advanced business simulation. On-line and multi-platform (PC, Tablet, Mac etc.)
  • 'Core Skills Programme' gets users up and running within 90 minutes.
  • Start-up & Scale-up in diverse and dynamic environments. Users monitor and respond through ongoing research and analysis.
  • Optional 'Rewind' feature allows users to think again and learn quickly from mistakes
  • Broad range of market segments creating a rich learning environment with numerous strategic options.

Breadth of Content

  • Wide-ranging business functions including: Finance, Operations, R&D, Sales, Marketing & more
  • Extended business content, including: Environment, CSR, Ethics and Branding
  • Enhanced depth in key business areas such as: Research, Design, Planning and Segmentation
  • Options for exporting information for presentations and submissions
  • Key consideration information and impact diagrams inform decision-making
  • Widely customisable content to facilitate learning or focus on specific areas
  • Intuitive navigation with varied layout formats and custom content

Total Control with the Control Tower

  • Live ‘Control Tower’ access to:
    - organise, monitor and communicate with individuals and user-groups
    - modify activity settings dynamically
  • Integral communications to allow teams to work together from remote locations
  • Multiplayer experience so users can compete directly against each other
  • Guidance presents information at the point of need, with extended information just a click away
  • Extended cycles of up to 10 sim years (40 turns) using advanced business simulation throughout

Advanced business simulation

Total Support

  • Extensive resources available to all clients via the SimVenture Club
  • Club resources include teaching/training materials, videos, access to community and more
  • Clients directly supported by a personal adviser, widely experienced in both business and education,
  • Personal adviser supports on learning programme design, implementation and delivery
  • Your views are always sought and valued. Feedback informs all product development

Comparing SimVenture Evolution and SimVenture Classic

SimVenture Evolution doesn’t replace the Classic SimVenture software but instead complements and builds on the original award-winning learning solution. As an on-line business simulator, we're confident Evolution leads the way in terms of advanced business simulation technology and research is continually being conducted to assess its value as a learning, teaching and training resource.

Before using SimVenture Evolution, make sure you try it out first. Instructors, teachers and trainers can request a free on-line demo or trial/evaluation copy from this site. See for yourself how versatile yet intuitive the Start-up and Scale-up business simulation technology is and discover the depth and range of features that makes the technology a stand-out choice.

Use this table to compare SimVenture Evolution and SimVenture Classic.

FeaturesSimVenture ClassicSimVenture Evolution
Hosting/EnvironmentOff-line software installed on institutional machines or serversOn-line, cloud based technology accessed from VSL servers
AccessWindows PCPC/Mac/Tablet
Simulation focus contextMicro start-up to small businessLarger-scale start-up to SME
Simulation focus experienceIn-depth tactical decisions with some strategy optionsStrategic management and decision making
Scope of simulationFirst 3 simulated years (played in monthly turns)First 10 simulated years (played in quarterly turns)
Nature of product/service within the simulation'Computers'Launches with 'Bicycles'. Other module options will be added
Purchase options (also see pricing)Per computer licencePer user account
Integrated on-line teaching environment with direct access to user/group workNoYes
On-line communication with and assessment of user workNoYes
Performance and financial data available to download & printYesYes
Availability of ready-made scenarios/activitiesYes (Scenarios and the ability to create custom Scenarios using Save & Load feature)Yes (Subject-based activities with accompanying materials)
Running competitionsPlayer versus computer onlyPlayer versus computer & direct player versus player
Suitable for individual and team-based workYesYes
Age suitability14+16+