Evolution is a finalist in The EdTech Awards 2024 for the simulation solution category
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Evolution: A finalist in The EdTech Awards 2024

The advanced online business simulation developed by SimVenture, Evolution, is a finalist in The EdTech Cool Tool Awards 2024 ‘games for learning / simulation solution’ category.

This prestigious accolade recognises the remarkable strides made by the SimVenture team to transform education by providing state-of-the-art immersive business learning experiences with the simulation, Evolution.

The EdTech Awards, celebrating its 14th year, stands as the premier global recognition programme for educational technology, honouring visionaries and trailblazers who are shaping the future of learning and workforce development. The announcement of the 2024 finalists and winners resonated with educators, technologists, students, parents, and policymakers worldwide, emphasising the pivotal role of technology in fostering a conducive learning environment.

Peter Harrington, Co-founder and CEO of SimVenture, expressed his gratitude, stating, “It is an honour for our online business simulation, Evolution, to be recognised as a global leader in the simulation solutions space. Working with clients throughout the world, the whole team remains committed to providing educators and trainers with a highly impactful experiential learning resource.” Harrington’s sentiments echo the sentiment of a community dedicated to pushing the boundaries of educational technology to enhance student engagement and learning outcomes.

The EdTech Awards, comprises of three main honours – The EdTech Cool Tool Awards, The EdTech Leadership Awards, and The EdTech Trendsetter Awards – all that recognise exemplary contributions in leveraging technology to enrich educational experiences across various sectors. Evolution’s nomination highlights the business simulations’ pedagogical soundness, efficacy, and potential to redefine the educational landscape.

Victor Rivero, Editor-in-Chief of EdTech Digest, lauded the finalists and winners, remarking, “The barriers education technology leaders have overcome in the last few years to make it to where they are today – well, that’s a cause for celebration!” Rivero’s words resonate with the collective efforts of innovators who strive to harness technology’s transformative power to create meaningful learning experiences.

The legacy of The EdTech Awards, established in 2010, is synonymous with honouring pioneers and trendsetters who have propelled the field of educational technology forward. Past laureates include industry stalwarts such as Adobe, Blackboard, and Scholastic, underscoring Evolution’s esteemed company as a finalist in this year’s edition.

As education continues to evolve in tandem with technological advancements, Evolution exemplifies the spirit of innovation that defines the educational technology landscape. Its recognition as a finalist in The EdTech Cool Tool Awards 2024 serves as a testament to its efficacy in shaping the future of learning and workforce development.

As we celebrate the achievements of Evolution and its fellow finalists, we reaffirm our commitment to harnessing technology’s potential to empower learners and leaders alike.