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distance learning during CoronavirusDistance Learning during Coronavirus

Tackling virus impact using online business and entrepreneurship learning solutions

Considering the opportunity to deploy online distance learning during Coronavirus has real merit as the virus has the potential to disrupt the delivery of education and teaching throughout the world. 

Higher Education and corporate organisations in-particular will need different ways to deliver modules, training and courses. Using online business and entrepreneurship learning solutions for distance learning during Coronavirus is a key way to combat the disruption since students, colleagues and tutors can avoid travel and work independently as well as remotely.

How we can help

Whilst the team at VSL has no wish to overtly scare or take advantage of these challenging circumstances, we feel we have a responsibility to ensure people are kept informed as to how our online learning resources can support and hopefully enhance current and forthcoming modules and courses.

Our online business learning solutions allow people to develop entrepreneurial, enterprise, strategy, business, management and commercial skills. We work with hundreds of education institutions and many corporate clients around the world. And we support at all levels from large undergraduate programs and graduate training schemes through to MBA and accelerated leadership events.

All the following on-line resources can be accessed and used remotely within a short space of time. Learners and Administrators are provided with login details and all supporting video and written materials which allow them to work independently.

Engaging and authentic online Learning Solutions for distance learning during Coronavirus

distance learning during coronavirusSimVenture Evolution

Our on-line business simulation (SimVenture Evolution) allows users to start, manage and scale a virtual company for up to 10 simulated years. Using a range of carefully designed in-built scenarios users complete work by making decisions in different areas of business. Tutors and trainers meanwhile set tasks, monitor, communicate and assess remotely.

SimVenture Validate

The SimVenture Validate platform allows anyone to generate and get feedback on any creative idea of choice.. Meanwhile tutors and trainers can monitor and assess work remotely.

distance learning during coronavirusThe SimVenture Validate platform also allows people to validate and test their creative idea and map all work onto an on-line Business Model Canvas that tutors and trainers can monitor and assess remotely.

The power and flexibility of both platforms means people can work solo or in groups (without having to be in the same physical space). Whether you are working with 10 or 1,000+ people, the platforms have the capability and capacity to ensure people enjoy a seamless learning experience. 

To find out more you can receive a free demo first…

Fast and Straightforward to Start

Free on-line demos for professional tutors, trainers and instructors (for either product) are available on request

User and Administrator Licences for Evolution and Validate can be supplied on the same day payment is made or (if agreed) an official PO is received.

Free learning and teaching materials in film and written format are available for Evolution. Free case studies together with tutor and user videos are available for Validate.

We also have a team of expert trainers on hand to provide on-line training and support with either product at a time to suit you.

As a team we want to make tackling the impact of Covid 19 using online business learning solutions as easy as possible. By providing sustainable and proven resources for distance learning during Coronvirus we believe we can help you.

What’s the cost?

Details about licence prices and training are available in the links below. Written quotes are available on request.

SimVenture Evolution prices

SimVenture Validate prices

On-line Training and Support

Strong track record

And if you want to know more about our client base and what people think of our learning solutions, take a look at our testimonials.

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