Using the business simulation

Sustainable and Flexible learning resource

People using the business simulation and business strategy simulation in a formal learning environment,
The business simulation helps people to achieve multiple learning objectives

By using the business simulation, it’s possible to achieve a variety of learning objectives and outcomes.

Within education, the business simulation is used in hundreds of universities around the world. Classic has also become popular in colleges and schools and some enterprising education authorities have used the technology for regional events and competitions.

Tutors incorporate SimVenture Classic into business and entrepreneurship related courses at undergraduate as well as postgraduate levels. The business simulation is also incorporated into wider programmes (such as engineering and computer science) which seek to develop employability and enterprise skills. More detail is available on this site.

Within the corporate sector, companies integrate the business simulation to develop commercial skills, for team-building away days and as an aid for recruitment. SimVenture Classic provides an excellent platform for event competitions allowing people to play in small teams of up to 5. More detail is available on this site.

You can review SimVenture Classic by watching the Walkthrough Videos or Video Tutorials, viewing the business simulation Screenshots and/or downloading your own demo copy of the business simulation.

Applying the business simulation

  • To test individual business knowledge and understanding
  • To develop enterprise and entrepreneurship talent
  • To develop commercial management skills
  • As part of an event to develop team-building skills
  • To develop team-working skills
  • As a platform for an active case-study
  • As a platform for presentations
  • For small or large-scale competitions

You will also find that we have included on this site a range of teaching and training resources to support your work with Classic.

Designed to be a a flexible learning resource, SimVenture Classic can be tailored to fit with any course or training timetable. The save and load function allows people to use the business simulator over any period of time and at any time of the day. Some study programs (e.g. undergraduate semester) use the software over a series of weeks and months whilst other courses (MBA or commercial training) may use Classic intensively over a day or week. Saved files are easy to store and access.