Video Tutorials

Simventure Video Tutorials: Learn how the business simulator works

SimVenture video tutorials small business simulation SimVenture ClassicSimVenture video tutorials are provided on this page to help you learn about the business simulation, understand what business areas it covers and discover how the simulator works.

Each of the eleven short films is packed with key information. For ease, each film only lasts between two and three minutes and there is no limit to the number of times each video can be viewed.

Whether you’re a student, tutor, instructor or trainer, these walk-through films are designed to answer all your key questions so you gain invaluable insight and are able to use the business simulation quickly.

If you don’t find the answers to your questions in this section, have a look at the FAQs on this website.

More Help and Support

More information to help people use SimVenture Classic is provided on our dedicated Facebook support page as well as within the game environment. If you are using the simulation for the first time, click on the ‘Help’ button in the menu bar at the top of the page to reveal a range of support options.

Within the ‘Help’ section you will find written instructions, a comprehensive ‘How do I’ section as well as access to the SimVenture video tutorials which are all featured below. This comprehensive suite of help and support is provided to assist all learning styles.

1. Understand the basics of SimVenture Classic

2. Starting a game – Find your way around the business simulator

3. Learn how to navigate around the business simulator

4. Understand the layout of the small business game

5. Understand how a business simulation game and ‘month runs’

6. Why a business strategy simulation – is all about making informed decisions

7. What happens when you run a month in the simulation?

8. Learn how to evaluate the consequences of your decisions

9. Find out how we support users of the small business game

10. Learn about the additional ‘Tools’ available within the simulation

11. Tips and ideas for running your first virtual company