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SimVenture Classic Latest Version V5.1 Released

The SimVenture Classic latest version (V5.1) was released in September 2019. If you have purchased personal software or your organisation holds a current maintenance contract with VSL, you are entitled to a free update. Contact our Software Development team today so we can supply the software to you.

Key new features

A key new feature of Version 5.1 is the ability to resize the main window. This means that users can adjust the appearance of the software to fit the screen size they are using. This feature is particularly helpful for users of high resolution laptops who will now be able to view the application at a larger size meaning the text is clearly readable.

Several new currencies have also been added as an option when starting a ‘New Game’ in the software. In addition, the Development team has identified and fixed a number of small bugs that have come to light since the last release.

No maintenance contract? – Get the latest version

If your organisation does not hold a current maintenance contract, we can quote to supply this service so that you can access the SimVenture Classic latest version. To check your maintenance status and/or request a maintenance contract quote, contact the Sales and Client Support Team.

During the working week, same-day quotes can be provided and upgrade software to UK organisations is typically supplied on receipt of a purchase order.

Contribute to the development of the simulator

If you enjoy using SimVenture Classic and want to contribute to the future development of the software, we’d love to hear from you. Whether you feel the simulation needs a small tweak or a significant development, please get in touch and share your thoughts. We can’t guarantee your suggested improvement(s) will be implemented but everything starts with a conversation.

Development history

The original business simulation was developed over 4 years by two people – brothers Paul and Peter Harrington. Paul is a software engineer and Peter is a serial entrepreneur who started his first company in York in 1989.

From the outset the brothers were committed to helping people understand what it takes to create a sustainable new venture.

Paul and Peter are very much still part of the company and fully acknowledge that the global success of the business is rooted in the relationships with customers and users all over the world.

SimVenture Classic (1.1) was first released in October 2006.