SimVenture Classic Competition

SimVenture Classic International Competition
Team Liverpool University ahead of the 2019 Finals

Participate in the International SimVenture Classic Competition

This event is temporarily suspended due to COVID19

Plans are in place to organise the 3rd International SimVenture Classic Competition which will take place in 2021. This prestigious event follows in the footsteps of the highly successful 2018 and 2019 competitions.

Bringing together hundreds of students from different parts of the world, the competition requires teams to run a virtual company using the business simulation ‘SimVenture Classic’. Student teams are assessed on how well they run their virtual company and a group of judges also assess the team’s understanding of their business and score a group presentation.

The winning team takes away the title and the trophy. Prizes are also awarded to runners-up and individuals who perform well during the event.

How to enter the competition

The event is open to students currently studying for a college qualification or undergraduate degree in their respective country. Entry into the SimVenture Classic Competition is free of charge although the organisers reserve the right to charge a small refundable deposit.

SimVenture Classic Competition
The 2018 Competition Winners Celebrate at the IOD Award Ceremony

Teams comprising 3 or 4 students can enter the event. Teams must be accompanied by a lead member of staff from their institution for the duration of the competition (this person should be responsible for completing the entry below). Further details about the competition, how it is run and how it is judged are available in the PDF documents provided on this page. These documents are designed to provide a transparent overview of how the competition is organised, what’s expected of participants and how judges score each team.

If you have any other queries about the SimVenture Classic Competition please contact us:

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Please download and read the competition documents below. Up until September 30th 2019 these documents will remain in draft format. After this date, the final documents will be uploaded and published on this page.