Why choose Classic

Choose Choose Classic the stand out serious business gameSimVenture Classic, the Serious Business Game

If you choose Classic, you’ll discover a highly authentic serious business game of unparalleled depth and complexity.

As a team we constantly strive to provide the gold-standard in terms of business simulation learning and teaching experience. Thousands of hours were invested in the development of the business simulation and a range of research studies from institutions including Leeds and Huddersfield universities, have since proven the technology to be a highly effective learning solution.

But nothing is perfect. You should also be aware of the simulation’s limitations. In the spirit of transparency, you’ll find all relevant information below.

Reasons to choose Classic

  • Learn how to build a business from your bedroom in an enjoyable and highly authentic way
  • Stable software offering detailed experience of the first 3 years of running a business.
  • Sophisticated algorithms that factor in money, time, stress, skills and tiredness. Little is left to chance.
  • Developed by a team of experienced entrepreneurs who know what it is really like to start, run and grow a business.
  • Backed and supported by a development team with extensive combined skills in education, business and technology.
  • Backed by research and a comprehensive and expanding library of free education and corporate training support materials.
  • Engaging interface, intuitive navigation and extensive user ‘Help’ in multiple formats (inc. video) within the simulation.
  • Highly flexible resource used independently and at any time by an individual or group (it doesn’t rely on VSL staff involvement).
  • Fast and easy to use. Students are able to access and make use of the business simulator within minutes.
  • Multi-award winning product that has a proven track-record in over 40 countries.
  • Suitable for a wide range of people. SimVenture Classic is used for Corporate training, within universities and even in schools.


Whilst SimVenture Classic is available for use on single PCs or across a network, it is not an on-line product. As such, software needs to be downloaded to a computer or network first in order for the simulation to be accessed.

As a serious business game Classic also focuses on the first three years of business and as such people experience running a micro/small business rather than learn about the more complex strategic choices that are typically associated with running a larger company or global corporation.

If you are looking for a business game with high-end video graphics, then SimVenture Classic is unlikely to be your first choice. Whilst we’ve sought to create an engaging interface, our design investment has focused on providing an authentic experience of running a small business.

If you believe you need to use an on-line business simulator, then take a look at SimVenture Evolution. This business strategy simulation focuses on the first 10 years of a company’s life and offers additional features that are not available if you choose Classic.