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Buy a SimVenture Classic Personal License (Windows PC only) so you can use the business simulation whenever you like.

Prices provided on this page exclude VAT where applicable.

Before completing any transaction, we strongly recommend you first read all information below so you purchase the software you need. We also recommend you read our terms and conditions ahead of purchase.

Buy SimVenture Classic Licenses

All SimVenture Classic software is supplied via a download link and is provided using the email address you supply.
If you don’t have a PayPal account you will have the option to use a credit/debit card to complete your purchase.

Purchases are not automatically processed

Please note the ordering process is not automated.

Since all orders are handled manually you will experience a short delay between purchasing and receiving download and license activation instructions – especially if you order out of UK office hours (Monday – Friday / 9am – 6pm GMT).

During office hours you will typically receive your software within an hour of placing the order.

Once payment has been received in full by Venture Simulations Ltd, licensing details allowing you to activate the software will be sent to you via the email you have provided with your order ì details.

If you use more than one email address for ordering and payment it is possible software details will not be seen by you immediately. Likewise, please check your spam folder once you have placed your order as occasionally our email with your software details can be filtered.

Purchase terms and conditions

SimVenture Classic is a PC Windows-based programme. Details for using the software on a Mac are available here.

Any SimVenture Classic license purchased for personal use must be installed on a personal computer and then used for personal use. SimVenture Classic personal licenses cannot be used or shared within any other environment such as education and the corporate training sector without the advance written permission being granted by Venture Simulations Ltd. View this website for all details of the company’s software license terms and conditions. If you have any further queries, please contact the team in advance of using the software.


SimVenture Classic is a PC Windows application. If you use a Mac you will require emulation software or a Bootcamp partition (both of these options require a Microsoft Windows license). If  you are in any doubt as to whether the software will work on your machine, we advise that you first download and test a free demo copy of SimVenture Classic ahead of any purchase.

If you are buying the software to support formal education learning, an annual license will typically be your best purchase. However, if you want to practice your startup business and entrepreneurship skills for longer and/or think you want to start your own venture at a later date, consider the permanent license purchase.

As per our terms and conditions, personal licenses are for personal use only. In exceptional circumstances we do occasionally allow for personal licenses to be used in a teaching environment but permission must be obtained and agreed with VSL ahead of any purchase.

All software is provided in download format but on request, the business simulation can be supplied on CD (subject to P&P surcharge). Whether you buy an annual or permanent license, both options include 12 months of maintenance and technical support. This means that if anything goes wrong with your software in the first year of use, our technical support team will provide help free-of-charge.

The activation code supplied to you following purchase licenses the software to one machine only.

SimVenture Classic is also available in Mexican Spanish, Chinese, Italian and Romanian. For further details about the software’s availability in different languages as well as prices, please contact the team. Please note, international personal license prices may vary.