Corporate Testimonials

Corporate Testimonials
What clients say about SimVenture Classic

SimVenture Classic Corporate Testimonials

The following corporate testimonials and quotes from clients demonstrate the impact SimVenture Classic has had within various learning environments world-wide. Typically, the business simulation has been used to increase engagement levels, fast-track learning and foster peoples’ desire to learn more about strategic and team-based thinking.

Emerging and Future European Leaders

With the responsibility of finding a business simulation to fit within a European leadership training programme, for a ‘top 3’ global media company, Shauna McVeigh chose SimVenture Classic.

“I was looking around at the market and it became clear that many simulations were too shallow and bespoke programmes were far too expensive. But when I reviewed SimVenture Classic I knew it fitted both the client requirements and budget. The training programme involved people from 16 countries across Europe working in team; the power of the technology meant that all work could be delivered by a single SimVenture trainer – who was superb not only with the software but also all the delegates. SimVenture Classic definitely exceeded my expectations. The whole service was excellent, responsive and adaptable.

Graduate Training

Corporate testimonials SimVenture ClassicThe SimVenture Team were involved with the delivery of business training over a 2-year period to recently appointed graduates at Asda-Walmart. Carl Tabisz, Talent Advisor, at ASDA Walmart said of the training:

“All the work was ASDA relevant and created insightful discussions. The overall level of business understanding increased significantly and the grads agreed it was one of the best training events with which they had been involved.”

Company Team Building

Corporate testimonialsFor an entire day, all company personnel at Selex Galileo came together to use SimVenture Classic as part of a team-building exercise. Individuals were put into groups of 4 and after learning how to use the simulation, participated in a large-scale competition. The event culminated with group presentations and awards to the winning teams. Gus Brown, Business Improvement Director at Selex summed up the day.

“The event was very successful. Discussions on the game and the learning outcomes continued long after the last laptop was closed down. In fact the enthusiasm was such that many would have continued into the wee small hours if they were allowed. The feedback from the team suggests that this was a very enjoyable event, and at the same time educational. Every year we hold an event off site for our team, this is our fifth, and the consensus is that this is the best one yet. SimVenture Classic will be a hard act to follow.”

International Management Training

Classic Corporate Testimonials
Telkom Indonesia
Designed for 30 future leaders at Telkom Indonesia, this course was developed and run by VSL over 4 days in Bandung. The program provided and developed strategic thinking skills and understanding. SimVenture Classic replaced the case study approach which had been used for several years, but was felt inadequate since it did not require delegates to think and act.
Ngiam Tee Woh observed the training and noticed how delegates slowly realised that success was not just about sales, marketing, finance or operational management. “People discovered that to be successful, they had to think strategically about all areas of business and work closely as a team.” Asked about the most effective part of the training, Ngiam Tee Woh replied: “Getting delegates involved in group discussions about the decisions they had made and would be making was very beneficial because they lived through the experience in a safe learning environment. Delegates were also able to experiment with a combination of decisions and discover for themselves what worked.”
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