Commercial Awareness Skills

Develop commercial awareness skills

commercial awareness skills are developed when using SimVenture Classic
Immerse people in business to fast-track commercial awareness skills

The SimVenture Classic business simulation has a proven track record of engaging people who are seeking to develop their commercial awareness skills and business understanding. Used by many industry sectors, the learning solution absorbs people in an authentic world of business where every single decision has consequences that need to be understood and managed. Little is left to chance.

How it works

SimVenture Classic allows people to run their own virtual company for up to 3 simulated years. Running in monthly cycles, users are tasked with managing and growing their computer manufacturing business. The business simulation develops commercial awareness skills because users must manage all issues relating to: finance, research, marketing, sales, production, operations, the organisation as well as personal time, stress, skills and more.

You can choose whether people work as individuals or in teams and whether they use the software intensively for short periods or over several days or weeks. The simulation’s intuitive design, depth and flexibility makes it a popular choice with clients. You can also decide to involve our trainers so that your colleagues are able to make the most of the learning solution with the support of expert guidance and advice.

Teamwork opportunities

Used by small companies and multi-national organisations, the business simulation has a strong global track record of developing commercial awareness skills as well as a better understanding of business and leadership. Not only does the software provide an immersive and engaging learning environment but it also offers an opportunity for individuals to work in teams of between 2 and 5 people.

By assigning, or allowing trainees to choose roles, people become responsible for a specific area of their virtual company (finance director, sales and marketing director etc.) and one person can take overall charge as CEO. The simulated business and company structure provides an immediate framework for team-based decision-making and leadership; and more importantly, the circumstances have been created for powerful learning that engages people at a much deeper level.

Lasting reflective learning

Research consistently shows that engaging people at a deeper level helps to ensure stronger conscious thinking and better memory recall at a later point in time. Active learning allows neurons to fire in the brain and stronger connections (synapses) to be created. Far too many training courses and events have very short-term impact and thus are in effect poor value for money. Developing commercial awareness skills that have lasting impact is what SimVenture business simulations are all about.