Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face”

award winning business simulationWhilst probably not a user of our award winning business simulator, Mike Tyson, former World Heavyweight boxing Champion, makes a powerful point.

And the fragility of a plan is not just true in the tough sport of boxing, it’s also true for business start-ups.

Business Plans Over-rated

For decades, traditional business start-up training courses and education programs have overrated the value of business plans as a means to help people think through and launch their new company. Acclaimed entrepreneur author Diana Kander argues in her TED presentation, that asking people to prepare a detailed plan ahead of company start-up fails to prepare people for what they are about to face. The realities of running a business typically confine plans, oft written in a vacuum, to bins.

award winning business simulatorBut at the same time those same programs and courses have undervalued or more commonly missed the opportunity to give people appropriate learning tools; tools that allow people to practice running a business authentically, fail safely (and repeatedly) and as result test flawed assumptions ahead of starting out for real.

Back in 2002, the SimVenture team wanted to challenge the traditional training course status quo and allow people to learn about their flawed assumptions using a new, authentic, experiential learning resource. An initial investment of £250k seeded the development of SimVenture Classic (V1), an award winning business simulation allowing people to start and run a virtual company for up to 3 years.

award-winning business simulator
Classic Home Screen

Award winning business simulator

Since first launch in 2006, SimVenture Classic has been supplied to 40+ countries. The software is used by education, corporate and voluntary sector clients. Bridging the gap between theory and practice, SimVenture Classic challenges users to generate enquiries, sales and orders to build a successful company.

Working in monthly cycles, for up to 36 simulated months, users make decisions in all areas of their virtual computer manufacturing company and receive ongoing feedback to learn the consequences of their actions. Users manage 4 key business areas:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Organisation

See the business game key features to learn about the product’s functionality or view the software (details below).

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Learning solution breadth and depth

When using the award winning business simulator you’ll discover the depth and breadth of the learning solution and how little is left to chance in the simulated world. You’ll also discover how we have gone a few extra miles to incorporate a range of functions including: business advisor support, powerful assessment tools, a business planning section, a glossary of terms, a multi-functional notepad as well as real-world information to link SimVenture Classic with the realities of business life.

Since the small business simulation was first launched, we’ve continually added functionality in line with client demands. If there is anything you cannot find but would love to have within the learning solution, get in touch with the Learning and Development Team and let us know.

Latest Version Released

The latest version of SimVenture Classic has been released and is available for free upgrade (where applicable), purchase and use.