Learn about our Online Business Validation Resource – SimVenture Validate

What is SimVenture Validate?

SimVenture Validate is an on-line platform helping users to think up, develop and test any entrepreneurial or creative idea and ultimately complete a Business Model Canvas.

What key learning outcomes are associated with using the online Business Model Canvas generator?

Users of Validate discover for themselves what it takes to develop a creative, entrepreneurial idea that solves a real-world problem that is required by one or more markets. Since many answers will not be in textbooks, learners must develop their initiative, curiosity and imagination skills and get out of the classroom.

What aspects of business does Validate address?

At its heart, Validate addresses all the key issues found within the Business Model Canvas. Users must therefore research, consider and reference: Markets, Customers, Value Propositions, Partners, Revenue, Costs, Channels and Resources etc.

How do students and tutors/trainers access Validate?

Students access Validate on a PC, Mac or Tablet using their email and a password. Tutors and trainers access the platform in the same way but they also can use the Administrator functionality to control ‘back-end’ functionality and view/communicate with users.

How and why is Validate different to similar platforms?

Validate has a clear and clean interface making it easy for people to learn about and access the platform quickly. With the aid of support information and functionality users can also generate new ideas as well as test all existing ideas. Ultimately, all work leads to the creation of an online Business Model Canvas which can easily be exported into other formats.

How and where is Validate used?

Validate is used widely in education and is most popular in universities, especially courses that involve enterprise, creativity and entrepreneurship. Validate is also used to support new thinking and fresh initiatives within the public and corporate sectors.

online business model canvass
online business model canvass
online business model canvass

Key Features

Validate user interface
Control Panel
validate case study

New – Idea Generation Feature added to Validate

As well as helping users Validate their own creative, entrepreneurial idea, the online business model platform also supports people who seek inspiration and require help generating an appealing idea. Watch this short video (2) to see how this latest update works in practice.

Helpful Guidance and Resources

As part of the platform, Validate references a range of helpful information resources in both written and film format. All information provided is designed to guide thinking rather than provide answers - as a result this stimulates more questions and discussion.

Creating a Business Model Canvas

A cornerstone of the platform is its ability to help users create a Business Model Canvas. By asking questions, guiding thinking and challenging users to think about prospective customers, channels, value propositions, revenue, costs and more, an on-line Canvas is created. Watch this short video (3) to see how this works.

Generating a Business Model Canvas

Once users have answered all questions and tested their their assumptions, a complete on-line Business Model Canvas is generated. This Canvas can be exported as an electronic file or PDF link for review, presentation and/or assessment purposes.

Flexible in-class or Remote Teaching Resource

Being an on-line resource means users of the Validate platform can work and study remotely. In addition, Validate functionality allows administrators to manage and monitor all users remotely too. Watch these short films to see how the 'Administrator' and 'Educator' functionality works.

Proven Track Record

Our online business model canvass is an increasingly popular learning resource that is used widely, especially in the higher education sector. Learn what other people are saying about the product and find out how organisations such as the Open University have used the platform.