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Business Model Canvas Applied

Beautifully designed and easy to use

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business model canvas applied

Challenging users to test assumptions

Bringing great ideas to fruition requires careful planning, testing and validation.

Assumptions in business are dangerous. And plans that are based on guesswork rather than rigour quickly succumb to the realities of the market. So how do we teach and train innovative and inventive minds to think in the right way and using the right structures?

Our on-line SimVenture Validate platform is the Business Model Canvas applied. The platform allows all users to test and prove out their thinking and ideas. Nothing is left to chance, By using the Validate platform people build strong entrepreneurial habits that will reward them throughout their employment career.

business model canvas applied

Structuring thinking and business planning

Even the best ideas are worth little if they are not underpinned by structured thinking and groundwork.

SimVenture Validate is an on-line ideation and business planning tool. The learning technology provides an opportunity for users to develop any social or for-profit idea in a structured and highly visual manner. The on-line platform asks all the difficult questions to ensure thinking is tested and plans are always viewed from a market (rather than personal) perspective.

business model canvas applied

Linking work to the Business Model Canvas

All user work within Validate is linked to the Business Model Canvas. By using the Canvas users are able to set their work in context, continually visualise progress and ultimately conceptualise ideas.

When users answer all questions and tests, they will have a complete portfolio that is ready to export or print. No time is required to spend formatting the portfolio since it presents all information in clear sections and in different colours. As a result, people can more time creating and validating great ideas in a meaningful and relevant manner.

business model canvas applied

Business Model Canvas applied: Flexible, powerful learning

SimVenture Validate has been designed for a blended teaching approach (workshop / lecture / class and online) and lecturers and tutors can monitor, manage and mentor remotely or in-class. Being cloud-based, SimVenture Validate allows students to login from anywhere where an internet connection is available.