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To support startup podcastbusiness and entrepreneurship academics as well as startups involved in the early stages of their new venture, VSL company director, Peter Harrington, worked with the London School of Economics to research, present and publish the Startup Survival Podcast.

Access the Free Startup Podcast

The complete 10-episode series was researched, written and recorded between April and August 2020. Free access to every episode of the Startup Podcast is available via the Hitchhiker’s Guide to Entrepreneurship.


Working with London School of Economics

Startup Podcast LSE LogoAs an Entrepreneur in Residence at LSE, Peter was asked to write and present this Startup Podcast when the COVID19 crisis began in March 2020. The original plan was to produce one podcast. But as support for the popular broadcast venture grew, so the one episode became five and ultimately a series of 10 episodes were scheduled. 


What to expect from the Startup Podcast

Special guests feature in all but 2 of the episodes and reference is made to additional resources and theory throughout the series. Listeners benefit from practical advice and tips that help them think their way from crisis to opportunity. The podcast is written for a global audience and the entire series is presented by Peter Harrington in English.

Episodes typically last up to 30 minutes and the 10 topics covered by the podcast include:

  1. Mindset
  2. Developing Resilience
  3. Building Trust
  4. Effective Communications
  5. Making Sales
  6. Inspirational Leadership (Two Parts)
  7. Effective Teamwork
  8. Money Management
  9. International Perspectives
  10. What Startup Success really Means

All interviews with special guests were recorded remotely. And the producer, Duncan Bennetts, kept his distance from Peter too.

Reference Material

Each episode within the Startup Survival Podcast includes detailed reference to a range of textbooks, TED Talks and research. The series also references additional articles and posts within the Hitchhiker’s Guide to Entrepreneurship Blog.