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Receiving SimVenture testimonials and customer feedback has been at the heart of all work the team has done since launching our first-ever business simulation in 2006. People here within the organisation never tire from hearing from customers and users of our products.

If you have used SimVenture Classic, SimVenture Evolution, SimVenture Validate or received any training (on-line, on-site or as part of the Master SimVenture program) and want to share thoughts, we'd be delighted to hear from you. Please email your comments and quotes through to our Sales and Client Support team. We are always delighted to receive feedback and SimVenture testimonials.

SimVenture Evolution

Kweku Adams, Senior Lecturer at York St John University

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Watch Kweku Adams' eyes light up and his smile widen as he talks about his experience of using SimVenture Evolution with over 200 undergraduate students at York St University.

Below are written SimVenture testimonials from clients who have used SimVenture Evolution.

Paul Kirikal, senior lecturer at Oaklands College said:

The sophistication of SimVenture Evolution and the intuitive user interface meant the students’ initial contact with the simulation exceeded expectations and led to a very productive and positive experience.

In the space of 3 hours they went from, in some cases, absolute novices where some had not even have heard of SimVenture, to a group of Level 5 students who were working in close collaboration, albeit at times this was understandably tinged with keen rivalry. All learning and interaction spurred the students on to share their successes and failures with other team members.

By the end of the session nearly all the students had been bitten by the SimVenture bug and were planning to work over the weekend at improving their business decision-making so that they could be more successful than their peers. Many thanks for all support from Lesley and the team.

Saeed Taheri, Lecturer in Operations and Supply Chain Management at Nottingham Trent University said:

SimVenture testimonialsJust after returning from York [Master Evolution Training Course] I ran a 2-week summer school on Entrepreneurship and used SimVenture Evolution with a group of 25 students which was a great success, and students’ feedback was very positive.

Working with Sheffield Hallam University, Dr Simon Brown wrote to the team to express his delight with SimVenture Evolution:

I am always delighted when I ask people how they are finding the simulation… and get animated responses, from 'it's hard', 'it's engaging' to 'it's impossible'. Then when you open up the conversation, students talk in detail about their feelings and emotions as well as what they may (or may not) have learned. Everybody has an opinion based on experience, which is unlike reactions we get to our traditionally taught curriculum. You can't knock that.

Peter McGuire from the University of West Scotland, wrote to the team to say:

We have now completed Trimester 1 and the use of SimVenture Evolution within our Business in Action module went down very well. To give you some idea of just how well it worked, here is one story of an individual who was part of the class.

A student was working on an assessment piece during their lunchtime at work. Whilst on SimVenture Evolution, their manager was passing by the desk and noticed the software on the screen. Upon enquiring about the work, the student explained what he was doing and shared the module and the game. The manager was so interested and engaged, that she wanted a shot at it too and started to advise the student on decisions to take. The final remark from the manager was, ‘Well don’t go bust!’ Quite ironic as the student works for a liquidation organisation.

Following the success of the first course at the University of Nottingham in 2017, Programme Director, Chris Mahon said:

SimVenture Evolution provides a robust and realistic platform for the integration of theory and practice, which is absolutely crucial to entrepreneurship education. Students get to see for themselves what works – and what doesn’t – by working through the ‘fail-learn-redo’ cycle in a safe and controlled environment. The Control Tower feature is also a real time-saver because it allows tutors to organise student groups, check student progress and gather/assess performance data with relative ease.

SimVenture Testimonial

SimVenture Classic

Below are SimVenture testimonials from clients who have used Classic.

Singapore-based, Ngiam Tee Woh, oversaw the use of SimVenture Classic with Telkom Indonesia.

The software was a great hit with the aspiring leadership group. Getting delegates involved in discussions about the decisions they had made and would be making was very beneficial because they lived through the experience in a safe learning environment. Listening to peoples' reflections showed just how much they learned in such a short space of time.

Judith Shawcross, from the Institute of Manufacturing at the University of Cambridge said:

We finally ran our first training day yesterday! It was a great success – biggest problem I had was getting the students off the business game once they were playing!

Mike Ashwell used SimVenture Classic on a large undergraduate module for 5 years at Teesside University.

As a result of using the simulation, students understood how business disciplines inter-related and appreciated the scope of business decisions and the implications of how choices impacted on one another. Students enjoyed learning and often reflected how much they got from the management of a real business and working as a team.

When Dan Corlett headed up the Enterprise team at the University of Birmingham, he provided the following SimVenture testimonial:

I taught a whole day of an intensive module in Electrical Engineering using SimVenture Classic this week. It was the deepest we’ve ever got into the game in a single session and the students were very bright. Even though I’ve used it many times now, I found myself absolutely staggered by the depth, complexity and realism of the business game and found several new screens that I’d overlooked in the past.

The SimVenture team ran a Yorkshire-wide schools competition alongside lead sponsors Grant Thornton for 4 years. Practice leader, Will Oxley said:

It's great to see how much all the students from across the region gained from the practical experience of real-life business and entrepreneurship. It's vital that more young people get the opportunity to have this hands-on interaction so they can understand what it's like to be an entrepreneur and develop skills that employers are looking for

Ross Croall from the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship at the University of Strathclyde had this to say about SimVenture Classic:

We've used SimVenture for a number of years now, where it forms a core component of an elective business module we offer to students from the Engineering faculty. Every year we're surprised by the depth, complexity and variation of the game. Students always find new ways of tackling the scenarios we set them. SimVenture Classic provides us with the ideal tool to introduce real-world business concepts in an interactive, engaging and collaborative classroom setting.

SimVenture Training

Below are SimVenture testimonials from clients who have benefited from Training the team has provided.

SimVenture Testimonials

Nicola Smith from the University of Leeds wrote:

The Master Evolution Training event was great; I've taken so much away from the two days and where I was nervous and a little hesitant to commit to using Sim Venture Evolution beforehand, I am now full steam ahead with my planning, and embedding Evolution throughout my module!

After his participation in the on-line training with Drexel University in Philadelphia, Harry Benson wrote:

The on-line SimVenture training was an amazingly great session you prepared for the Drexel faculty this morning. And, you were very good in answering their impromptu questions for which there was no way to have prepared. A very good job.

Anna Howard, from LSBU, had this to say about her on-site support from a member of the SimVenture team:

Running a new ‘Managing Business and Innovation module’ has been made so much easier with the help and support of the SimVenture team particularly the work we have done with Lesley Strachan. Not only is Lesley supporting with delivery to students she is also training staff to use the software and has also supported in the design of the module structure, materials and assessment. The module has a real focus on the employability skills of our students as well as enterprise skills development and Lesley’s contribution has been invaluable. She really has become part of the team here at LSBU.

Penelope Marshall Kalina, from UCLAN, emailed the team with the following:

You were right, Mike was absolutely perfect and delivered everything and more than I expected. All trainees were accounting lecturers, course and module leaders and they certainly grilled him. All were more than happy with what they received and are intending to use it in their teaching in some way.

Master SimVenture Evolution delegate, Matthew Draycott, was full of praise for the course:

The Master SimVenture Evolution course in York was one of the best CPD events I have attended. Combining highly knowledgeable trainers, an intimate class size and well developed learning materials it was a brilliant introduction to the new simulation and, a great spring-board to designing learning activities. I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to meet and learn with a group of highly engaged educators from across the UK, it was great to share best practice and, develop new insights into the ways I can integrate Evolution into my delivery.


SimVenture testimonials are very important to the team. If you would like to share your experience, please get in touch with the Sales and Client Support Team.