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Details of SimVenture Evolution prices for educational use are provided on this page. All standard SimVenture Evolution prices are based on individual users having access to their own single license. Should you wish to purchase licenses for shared use please contact the team for details and/or to request a quote.

First-time education buyers can purchase up to 30 SimVenture Evolution Licenses for as little as £20 per 1-month license. Please contact the team for details. Licenses are only available at this rate when the simulation is being evaluated by first-time buyers for future module use.

If you require a quote for individual business simulation licenses and or training/facilitation support, please get in touch with the Sales and Client Support team.

Unit License Prices & Packages
SimVenture Evolution1 Month4 Months6 Months12 MonthsFaculty or
Site-Wide License
Higher Education£40.00£50.00£60.00£85.00Request a Quote
Schools/College£25.00£30.00£40.00£55.00Request a Quote
All Prices exclude VAT where applicable
Volume purchases attract the following Discounts
License VolumeDiscount Amount
51-100 Licenses5%
101-250 Licenses15%
250+ Licenses25%

1. SimVenture Evolution prices in the table above highlight the cost per License for using the on-line business simulation resource.
2. Each person using the simulation will need to access their own License to make full use of the software.
3. All organisational Evolution purchases over £1k include an on-line expert support training session typically lasting an hour.
4. Subject to a minimum of 10 user licenses being ordered, between 1 & 5 Administrator Licenses are provided free with any purchase.
5. Evolution education license prices are based on individual use only. Please contact VSL for quotes for shared license use.
6. Single License use commences on use of simulation (not at point of purchase).
7. Site-wide License use commences within 1 month of the point of purchase unless agreed otherwise.
8. Quotes for faculty-wide and organisational-wide licenses are available on request.
9. Licenses are non-transferrable.
10. All international prices (especially where software has been customised and/or translated into the native language) vary from UK published rates.
11. For further information, please read our terms and conditions.
12. If you require an immediate quote for individual business simulation licenses and or training/facilitation support, please get in touch with the Sales and Client Support team.
13. VAT is applied where applicable.

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