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UK-based unit License Prices & Packages
See notes below for international prices
SimVenture EvolutionAnnual Single LicensePermanent Single LicenseFaculty or
Site-Wide License
Higher Education Request a Quote Request a QuoteRequest a Quote
Schools/College Request a Quote Request a QuoteRequest a Quote
Volume purchases attract the following Discounts
License VolumeDiscount Amount
15-50 Licenses15%
51-100 Licenses25%
100+ Licenses35%

1. Organisational License orders include a free License Server (allowing the software to be run across a Network) and a free 12-month Maintenance Contract.
2. Rental licenses (up to 1 month) are available at 50% of the annual cost.
3. Site License prices are based on the number of people that can use as well as access the software within the institution/organisation.  Contact the SimVenture team for a Site License quote.
4. Where a college requires licenses for degree courses, higher-education prices will be applied.
5. Educational Charities, Social Enterprises and/or organisations that support people who are otherwise disadvantaged will typically be charged college prices.
6. Wherever possible, SimVenture Classic License prices will be discounted by up to 35% for purchases made by organisations based in ‘Least Developed Countries’ (LDCs). Contact the SimVenture team for discounted Organisational pricing quotes.
7. All international prices (especially where software has been customised and/or translated into the native language) vary from UK published rates.
8. SinoCampus International Education Co has an exclusive contract with VSL and as part of that contract has paid for SimVenture Classic to be translated into Chinese. SinoCampus International Education Co is responsible for all sales of SimVenture Classic licenses within education institutions in mainland China. All purchases of this product must be made through SinoCampus.
9. The total number of licenses purchased determines the total number of computers that can access SimVenture Classic simultaneously.

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